Only available in Google Ad Manager 360.

Share segments with Audience Extension

Make your audience segments available in Authorized Buyers or Display & Video 360

Only available in Google Ad Manager 360

Audience Solutions is a Google Ad Manager 360 feature which might not be turned on for your network.

If you use Audience Extension, you have the option of buying additional impressions based on first-party audience segments via Display & Video 360. To do so, you need to link your Ad Manager network to your Display & Video 360 account.

You can also share audience segments to a linked Ad Manager account for targeting in Private Auctions.

Additional obligations and requirements

Use of Audience Extension for sharing segments to DV360 includes additional obligations and requirements related to personalized ads for your network. Review the Platforms program policies to ensure you're in compliance.

Before linking

  • Ensure the Ad Manager user account used to link is active and is associated with the Administrator role or a role with similar permissions to perform the steps in this article.
  • Ensure this Ad Manager user account is associated with an email that is also associated with an active user account in Display & Video 360.
  • Work with your sales representative to identify the correct Display & Video 360 account for Audience Extension.
  • Work with your Ad Manager support contact to have Audience Extension enabled for your Ad Manager network. Once enabled, your Authorized Buyers or Display & Video 360 account can be linked to your Ad Manager network.

Link accounts

You can share Ad Manager 360 audiences to a DV360 account by linking accounts.

To push first-party audience segments from your Ad Manager 360 account for targeting in your Display & Video 360 account:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Navigate to Admin and then Linked accounts and then Audience Extension.
  3. Click New Audience Extension link.
  4. Enter the account ID that appears in the URL when you access your DV360 account.
  5. Select Advertiser Type : Display & Video 360
  • You must add the whole Display & Video 360 account, not just an individual advertiser entity.
  • Once your Ad Manager account has been linked to your Display & Video 360 account, segments created in Ad Manager are available for use in these products. It may take approximately 24 hours for the segments to appear in Display & Video 360.
  • You can only set up an Audience Extension link with one DV360 account. If you want to link your Ad Manager 360 account to a different DV360 account, you need to click "Remove" on the existing link configuration.​​

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