Only available in Google Ad Manager 360.

About globally-licensed segments

Only available in Google Ad Manager 360

Audience Solutions is a Google Ad Manager 360 feature which might not be turned on for your network.

Ad Manager allows third-party data providers to offer their audience segments with global licenses to all Ad Manager publishers using audience management. This means you can buy and use third-party segments seamlessly, without the need to negotiate and sign a direct license with each data provider. Instead, segments are licensed by the third-party data provider through the audience management service itself, and are immediately made available to you for targeting. By using a globally licensed segment, you agree to the pricing set by the third-party data provider that is displayed in the Audience segments page. For clarity, globally licensed segments are Third Party Data Provider Segments under your Audience Management order form.

New globally licensed segments are displayed in the "Audience segments" and the "Segment approvals" page, and are also available for use in the targeting picker.

  • Creating a direct license for a globally licensed segment
    You can still negotiate with the data provider for a direct license for a given segment that currently has a global license.
    If you do create a direct license for a segment that has a global license, the segment is displayed twice in Audience explorer, once per each license. The direct license price entered by the third-party data provider overrides the global license and the global segment is automatically rejected.

    If you would like to see just one copy of the segment, you must reject the directly-licensed segment as it's not possible to reject the global license. Follow the segment rejection process, but make sure to first compare the data costs between the two licenses.

    If you have a line item targeted to a segment that has both a direct license and global license, the line item will continue to serve as long as the global license is active, even if you reject the direct license.

  • Opt out of global licenses
    To deactivate the global license feature:
    1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
    2. Click Admin and then Global settings and then Features.
    3. Switch the Deactivate global licenses to enabled status On/off switch - on.
      Note that even if you deactivate global licenses, you’ll continue to be charged for any impressions that result from targeting these segments, so be sure to remove them from the targeting criteria of your line items.
  • Targeting
    Globally licensed segments are automatically available in the targeting picker. (Learn about targeting segments.)
  • Currency
    Globally licensed segments are always priced in USD ($). 
  • Price changes and globally licensed segments
    When the price changes for a global segment, you have 30 days before the new price takes effect. (Learn more about approving third-party segments.)
  • Quickly locate globally licensed segments
    To quickly locate globally licensed segments, filter by License type > is > Global license in the "Audience segments" page.
  • Stop using a global segment
    Since global segments are automatically approved, you need to remove a segment from the targeting criteria of line items in order to stop using it.

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