Monitor product status

Get real-time updates about product issues

Use the Ads Status Dashboard to get real-time updates about product outages or service disruptions for Google advertising products.


Understand the dashboard

  • All supported products are listed in the first column, with columns to the right displaying daily status reports. All times are shown in your local timezone unless otherwise noted.
  • Colored indicators next to product names display the current service status. Colored indicator bars under dated columns display historical issues. Use the "Older" or "Newer" navigation arrows to view historical data.
    No issues No issues: the product is fully available with no known disruptions.

    Service disruption Service disruption: major features in the product are unavailable or affected by a known issue.

    Service outage Service outage: the product is inaccessible to all users.

  • Click on a colored indicator bar in the dated columns to see more information about that issue.