Monitor Active View measurement

How to see Ad Manager Active View measurement of your webpage in real time

For Google Ad Manager Active View, an eligible impression is assumed to be measurable and not viewable until we hear otherwise from the browser using a "pingback" URL. A pingback is sent to Ad Manager at the following times:

  • Impression found to be "not measurable": Pingback sent at the beginning of the user session.
  • Impression confirmed as "viewable": Pingback sent as soon as 50% of a creative's pixels have been in the browser viewport area for 1 continuous second for display creatives. For video creatives, the requirement is 2 seconds.

Use Chrome DevTools to see Active View pingbacks

All viewability pingbacks can be seen in Chrome Developer Tools. The URL is typically lengthy and similar to the following viewability pingback:
  1. Open a new Chrome browser window or tab.
  2. Open Chrome DevTools. Select the Chrome menu at the top-right of your browser window, then select Tools and then Developer Tools. The Chrome Developer Tools window loads in the bottom half of your screen.
  3. Click the Network tab.
  4. In the Chrome browser, navigate to the URL of the page for which you would like to track viewability. As the page loads, you'll see many lines populating the Network tab.
  5. Click Filter .
  6. In the text field that appears, you can filter to search for specific requests, including Active View pingbacks:

    • Type activeview to see display and video Active View pingbacks.

    You can also type pubads to only see your page's GPT requests.

  7. After you filter, click one of the lines in Chrome Developer Tools. In a right panel, you'll see more detailed information about that line.

What to look for in Active View pingbacks

Parameter General rule Examples
Measurement ID
This parameter helps you see whether Active View was measuring a GPT tag. &id=osdim: GPT Tag/Request or AdX

Sometimes, you may see lidar even with GPT requests if the creative is from Campaign Manager 360. In this case, the pingback is likely a Campaign Manager 360 Active View pingback, and not relevant to Ad Manager.  id=lidarv is the ping type used for Actve View measurements for video creatives.
Ad Slot ID
This ID allows you to see exactly which ad slot correlates to your Active View pingback. Filter your session by this ID to discover the match. &adk=992535377: Pairing this ID with the GPT's ID is helpful for seeing the size of the slot and the returned line/creative.
Browser Size
The pixel dimensions of the browser viewport. If the values are negative numbers, the ad was probably not measurable. &bs=1896,804: Browser viewport was 1896x804.
&bs=-12245933,-12245933: Cross-domain iframe issues.
&bs=-1,-1: No document.body was defined.
Time on Screen in Milliseconds
This parameter's listed value contains data about the continuous length of time, in milliseconds, that a % of a creative was on-screen.

List: 100%,75-99%,50-74%,25-49%,1-24%

If the third list value is at least 1000, then the ad was probably viewable.
100% on screen for 1002 ms 75-99% on screen for 1004 ms 50-74% on screen for 2004 ms 25-49% on screen for 2056 ms 1-24% on screen for 4099 ms

This list reflects the pixel coordinates of the creative as displayed on the page. Make sure these coordinates match the rendered creative size dimensions. This size may differ from the "Target ad unit size" set in the UI.

List: top, left, bottom, right

If these values are negative numbers, the ad is likely outside the browser viewport and probably not viewable.

&p=145,309,235,1037: Valid 728x90
1037 - 309 = 728
235 - 145 = 90

&p=145,309,145,1037: Notice that these coordinates indicate a creative with a height of 0 pixels (top=145, bottom=145). This impression was probably not viewable.

A common reason for this is float: or other CSS attributes.

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