Create in-app interstitials

When creating in-app interstitial line items, follow the general directions on how to create a line item, making the following selections along the way:

  • For phones, line items need to be 320x480 (portrait) and/or 480x320 (landscape) size.

  • For tablets, line items need to be 1024x768 (landscape) and/or 768x1024 (portrait) size.

  • We recommend using the “Mobile interstitial with auto-close (app)” creative template or custom creatives. An interstitial is displayed in a full screen WebView. When using a custom interstitial, you can detect the screen size and take up all available space. For example, you can use CSS rules to show a 320x480 image on an iPhone 4 but a 320x568 image on an iPhone 5.

    If your interstitials are opted into video, some ads may have up to a 5-second delay before providing a close option. By policy, interstitials that don’t allow video will have an immediate close option. The Google Mobile Ads SDK will begin enforcing this more aggressively with releases of the Google Mobile Ads SDK: 7.21 or later for iOS, and 11.4 or later for Android.
  • Links must use admob.opener.openUrl() or to ensure that they open in a new window rather than in the interstitial view itself.

  • Interstitials work for AdMob and Ad Exchange dynamic allocation line items, as well as Programmatic Direct line items and traditional campaigns of any type. Use the 320x480 or 1024x768 creative sizes for phones and tablets, respectively.

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