Auto-name creatives

You can set up a default format so that new creatives will be automatically named. The name for each creative is based on a format that you create. It can include information about the creative, such as the size, the advertiser name, the creative type, and so on.

When you add a new creative to Ad Manager, the default creative name format is applied. You then have the option of changing the name manually. The default creative name format is only applied as you're adding the creative. Once you've changed the name or saved the creative, there are no further automatic changes to the creative name.

Enable auto-named creatives

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then Global settings and then Pre-release features (beta).
  3. Click to enable Auto-name creatives. It's enabled when a green checkbox is displayed.
In order to enable this feature, you need to have the "Edit users, roles, and teams" permission enabled for your role.

Set up a default creative name format

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then Delivery and then Delivery settings.
  3. In the Default creative name format field, set up the default creative name format by clicking on elements you want to include in the name, as well as entering any text you want to include. When you click on an element, that element is added to the text box in angle brackets. For example, if you click Start year, <start-year> is added.

    Here's an example of a default creative name format you could use, which includes both element names and custom-entered text:

    Network 1 - <order-name> - <size> - <start-year>/<start-month>/<start-day> - <end-year>/<end-month>/<end-day>

    Notice that you can include both punctuation and text.

  4. Click Save.

Automatic updating for creative size

If you include "Size" as an element in your default creative name format, Ad Manager automatically adds the creative dimensions to the creative name. In some cases, however, Ad Manager doesn't know the creative size until you set it, either manually or by uploading a creative asset. In these cases, Ad manager automatically updates the creative name once the size can be determined, as long as you haven't manually modified the creative name.

Limitations for advertiser-level creatives

Certain elements, such as "Order name" and "Start month", depend on information from the order or line item where a creative is being added. If you're adding the creative directly to your network rather than to a line item, there's no way for Ad Manager to apply these elements. If you include these elements in the default creative name format, the default creative name format isn't applied when new creatives are added at the advertiser level, rather than to a specific order and line item.

You should also consider how creatives get reused in your network. If a creative is likely to be added to different line items with different run dates, you might not want to include start and end dates in the default creative name format.

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