About the Bid landscape report in Ad Exchange

The Bid landscape report has been deprecated. While new data will no longer appear in the report, you may run the report to view historical data for up to six months after deprecation. Learn more

To provide useful bid data business insight into the value of advertising inventory on the Ad Exchange platform, you can run a comprehensive report using the Bid landscapes dimension--which breaks down how buyers and advertisers appraise publisher advertising inventory and helps with the plan and execution of pricing strategies to maximize revenue. 

Bid data is updated approximately every 36 to 48 hours. Generally, running bid data for yesterday or today won't display any data. Therefore, for better results, run your report in a couple of days.

Here are potential ways in which a publisher could use the Bid landscape report.

  • Understand how their inventory is valued and perceived in the general marketplace.
  • Understand how their inventory on a given website is valued and perceived by a given buyer or advertiser.
  • See how many bids their inventory receives by a specific buyer and advertiser for any website over a given date range.
  • Understand if they are correctly pricing their inventory by the distribution of bids and/or impressions won.
  • Identify patterns in how specific buyers or advertisers bid on your inventory over time.
  • Determine if recent changes in their Min CPM prices are working as anticipated.

What you can expect to see in your report results

The “Bid ranges” view shows a distribution of bids. This standalone dimension enables the comparison of bids in $.10 increments for a given date range. 

The Bid landscape report shows data for the previous day and as far back as six months, but data may not be available before January 2013. It does not generate data for the current day.
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