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"Ad styles & backup ads" are prioritized and their order is important, especially when the inventory in some rules overlap with inventory in other rules.

The priority determines how we handle the configuration where these sets intersect. When you assign a priority to a rule (1 being the highest), you are essentially deciding which rules take precedence over another rule. Rules apply in numerical order. For example, if Rule 2 and Rule 5 overlap on inventory, Rule 2 overrides Rule 5.

Scenario: Let’s say you have three rules with priority 1, 2 and 3.
Condition: These three rules overlap. The three rules match the same ad request.
Outcome: To avoid overlapping, first, the rule with the highest priority is applied to the ad request. Then, if targeting is met, but the rule provides pricing settings for only a subset of buyers, the next eligible rule(s) for other buyers is additionally applied. 

From the "Rules" page, you can order your rules as you see fit. Use either of the following two methods:

  • Change the priority number in the field to the left of the rule name. Once you click away from the number field, the rules will automatically update in ascending order of priority.
  • Use the cross arrow to move your rules into the desired order. You can use the drag-and-drop functionality to edit the priority. Mouse over the current rule number until you see the cross arrow. Right-click and drag the rule to the desired location. The priority order is automatically updated.

Best practices for rules prioritization

We recommend the following best practices for the configuration of your inventory:

  • Situate all buyer-/advertiser-specific pricing (without "everyone" pricing set) higher in the list (towards the top). This means that your pricing is enforced, and the rest of the traffic still flows through.
  • Place all generic "everyone" pricing rules lower in the list (towards the bottom) to ensure that pricing is enforced.
  • Carefully order all rules with pricing set for "everyone".

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