Ad Exchange Inventory Controls overview

Ad Exchange is now a new, smarter inventory management system that empowers you with the option to make informed decisions about your account settings (i.e., set up blocks, create channels) to retain more of your inventory worth and increase its value for you and your advertisers. 

“Rules” is a core standard designed to help you select inventory to target and set pricing and blocking guidelines for your selections, and assign prioritization to those rules. Rules also provide the mapping of network partners to their settings via URLs.

Benefits of the Inventory Management System

Our goal was to provide a flexible solution--an inventory management system which gives you more control over your inventory pricing, blocking and settings than ever before, and still presents an effective and time-saving way to maintain those settings.

With this inventory management system, you can perform such things as create a global set of ad technology rules or a set for blocked buyers, and specify a minimum CPM for a specific buyer for all display inventory. Here are some of the benefits offered by the Inventory Controls:

  • Easily view your available inventory.
  • Flexibly target your inventory using much more than only ad tags:
    • Sizes
    • Geographic areas
    • URLs
    • Ad server hierarchies
    • User segments (through Audience Solutions or an integrated DMP) enables you to manage tags, URLs, and Key/values.
  • Use these new targeting options to configure:
    • Minimum CPMs and buyer visibility -- branded, semi-transparent and anonymous. Even target those minimum CPMs only at specific buyers or advertisers.
    • Ad category blocks
    • Opt-ins to sensitive categories and ad technologies
    • Channels to market your inventory and send signals to buyers
    • Ad styles and backup ads
  • Run reporting on tags and channels as well as learn which rules applied configurations to winning bids.

Learn more about Ad Exchange before Inventory Controls and how it works today.
Need some training? Try the Ad Exchange Fundamentals for Inventory Controls.

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