Use filters to search for video content

Some video features might not be enabled for your network. To learn more, contact your account manager.

You can filter video content results to only view content that matches the conditions that you specify.

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Video and then Content and then Filters.
  3. Choose how to filter your content:

    Content ID: Filter the content by ID.

    Name: Filter the content for videos whose name contains or does not contain a word or phrase.

    In source: Find content that's missing from the content source. Select In source > Is > False to see any content that wasn't present in the last sync.

    Source name: Filter the content for videos whose source name contains or does not contain a word or phrase.

    Status: Filter the content for active, inactive, or archived videos.

    Targetable metadata: You can filter using the format key:value. If you need an exact match, you can add double quotation marks around the value (for example, category:"sports").

    Sample searches

    Select Nameand then contains and then sports to see videos with the word "sports" in the name.

    Select Name and then does not contain and then cars to see all videos except those with "cars" in the video name.

    Select Status and then  is and then Archived to see only the archived videos.

  4. (Optional) To add another filter, click +, above the table, and enter additional filtering criteria.

    It's not possible to add more than one filter of the same type. For example, you cannot add two filters for Name.

  5. (Optional) To remove a filter, click - next to an existing filter.
  6. Click Apply filters or Cancel to return to previous filtered state.
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