Opt in to optional and pre-release features

You can opt your network in to optional and pre-release beta features.

  • Features: Optional, fully supported features that you can choose to use.

  • Pre-release features (beta): Optional features that are new and still in beta. By opting in early, you'll get to try out the newest tools while they're a little rough around the edges.

Opt in to an optional feature

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then Global settings and then Features or Pre-release features (beta).
  3. Click the red circle icon next to a feature you want to enable. When the green checkmark is displayed, the feature is on. To opt out of a feature, click the green checkmark icon.
  4. Click Save.
From time to time, we'll add new opt-in and pre-release features. Check back to see what's available.
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