Release notes for Google Ad Manager

What's new on September 12, 2022

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Traffic and deliver ads

Improvements to set up and link apps in Ad Manager

Ad Manager now allows you to set up apps that may not yet be listed in an app store, or are currently listed on a third-party store that Ad Manager doesn't support. Once they're both listed and supported, you can come back later to link apps to an app store, and make them easier to target.

Manage network settings

Scaled Partner Management tab removed from Ad Manager

Earlier this year, publishers that used SPM migrated to MCM. Following the migration, the SPM tab has now been removed from Ad Manager. Learn more

Report and optimize

New Active View metric in reporting

We've added a new metric, Total Active View: Impressions audible and visible at completion, to the Historical report. This metric tracks impressions that were played to completion and were audible and visible at completion time.

Longer lookback window for Reach reports

The Reach report lookback window has been extended to one year. This data is currently available as far back as 6/1/2022 for weekly reports and 7/1/2022 for monthly reports. Going forward, it will be available for up to one year. 

Changes to the "Mediation fill rate" metric

To make it more accurate, the Mediation fill rate has been redefined from Yield group impressions ∕ (Yield group impressions + Mediation passbacks) to Mediation chain impressions ∕ (Mediation chain impressions + Mediation passbacks). As a result, you may see a decrease in Mediation fill rate for Ad Exchange/Open Bidding demand channels. 

VAST errors card

The VAST errors card on your Home dashboard allows you to view actionable video errors without having to run a report. You can quickly and easily find line items and creatives whose errors are impacting your inventory, allowing you to troubleshoot issues based on specific VAST errors.

Other product or Help Center updates

A new look for Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager has a new design that now aligns with all Google-branded products. Some elements look different, but each page functions the same.


Coming soon

  • End of targeting support for Microsoft Windows Phone OS
    We will be deprecating all targeting support for Microsoft Windows Phone OS in Ad Manager. With Microsoft no longer supporting Windows phones, we are removing the targeting option from Ad Manager across all entities. 
  • Block Expandable Ads will be deprecated
    Starting October 3, 2022, publishers will no longer be able to use "Block Expandable Ads" protection in Ad Manager. In addition, we'll also be deprecating:
    • "Click to expand" and "rollover to expand" values in the "Ad experience" dimension in the Historical report
    • "Expandable types" in the Ad Exchange historical report
  • Payments info
    In the coming weeks, we’ll update the Payments section in Ad Manager for ease of use and to more closely align with how payments information is presented in AdSense. If you’ve enabled Ad Exchange, you will find your payments info in Ad Manager at Payments and then Payments info (instead of Billing > Payments). This change will rollout to Beta participants first, and then become generally available.
  • Update to Active View measurement
    Active View is switching from a proprietary viewability measurement technique to using the Open Measurement (OM) SDK for mobile app display inventory in Ad Manager. This change brings Active View in line with the industry standard. Some publishers may see a change in mobile app display measurability and viewability. This change only impacts Active View measurement on mobile app inventory. To learn more and follow the Open Measurement standard on obstructions, visit the Open Measurement with Mobile Ads SDK (iOS | Android).

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