Release notes for Google Ad Manager

What's new on February 10, 2020

Manage inventory

Update to Google Ad Manager System Maximum and Limits

Google Ad Manager System Maximum and Limits now clarifies the intended uses for specific line item types: Sponsorship line items, Standard line items, Price Priority line items, Network line items, Bulk line items, and House line items. Publishers have until May 1st, 2020 to familiarize themselves with the requirement and, for the very small subset that are impacted, come into compliance with the new requirement. Read the policy change log.

Report and optimize

Active View metrics for publisher-hosted creatives

Active View metrics are now supported for publisher-hosted creatives for Programmatic Guaranteed. Active View tracks the viewability of ads, which helps determine how likely it is that an ad was actually seen by a user.

Pricing rule card (Beta) 

A new "Pricing rules" card has been added to the Overview Home dashboard. Use this card to compare how your unified pricing rules influenced your bid landscapes.

Bids data in Ad Manager Data Transfer (Beta) 

Ad Manager 360 publishers with access to Ad Manager Data Transfer can now view information about each of their auctions. The NetworkBackfillBids file includes details about every Open Bidding and Authorized Buyers bid for your inventory, whether the bid won the auction or not. The NetworkBackfillBids sample file has also been updated.


Coming soon

  • Back to previous version to be removed
    The ability to go back to the previous version of the Ad Manager user interface will soon be removed. Get ready now by familiarizing yourself with the new Ad Manager experience.

  • Universal search for campaigns
    Line items and proposal line items will soon open within the same page instead of through a slide-in panel. Slide-in panels took over the entire page, preventing easy access to universal search. Opening these items within the same page will allow you quick access to universal search to find items and navigate between them.

  • Open Bidding key-values will be retired
    Beginning in mid-April, the Open Bidding key-values beta will end. You will no longer be able to serve ads from third-party exchanges using key-values and mappings by yield partners will also no longer be available.

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