Release notes for Google Ad Manager

What's new on September 21, 2020

Traffic and deliver ads

App data is now shared with AdMob

The name and status for mobile apps you claim in Ad Manager is now shared with AdMob. When you create or add a new app in either product, that app will be available in both products.

Other product or Help Center updates

Update to Google Ad Manager Partner Guidelines: Invalid Activity

In September 2020, Ad Manager Partner Guidelines for Invalid Activity will be updated to include limitations to how ad requests and impressions can pass through Open Bidding on app.

Update to TCF v2.0 implementation error grace period

Grace period 0 has been adjusted to allow publishers additional time to correct misconfiguration errors. The transition from serving personalized ads to non-personalized ads when the TC string isn’t properly configured has been extended to October 15th.

Coming soon

  • Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deals moving to net revenue in reporting
    Ad Manager reporting currently displays revenue data for Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deals as gross revenue. Starting October 1, 2020, net revenue will be used instead of gross, bringing Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deals into alignment with all other transaction types.

    In preparation for this transition and to facilitate historical comparisons when this change goes into effect, temporary gross metrics have been introduced in Ad Manager reporting.

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