Credit approval status

To view the credit status of a company (advertiser or agency), navigate to Admin and then Companies. There are two types of settings that may be available, depending on what's enabled for your network. You can only edit credit statuses if you're an Administrator or in a custom role that's specifically enabled to edit a company's status.

Basic settings

  • Active: The default status. A company with this status is fully active in your network and will be able to run ads in all orders. Most companies in your network with whom you have an ongoing relationship will likely have this status.

  • Inactive: A company with this status won't be able to create any new ads, but any ads that were active before their credit status was changed will remain active. This setting should be used when a company may have a few more live campaigns that need to finish serving, but you know you will no longer be working with them in the future and would like to prevent them from being listed in the company search results default view or creating any new ads.

Advanced settings:

  • Credit stop: You can't create or approve orders or activate ads for companies that have this status. However, any ads that were active before the company's credit status was changed to 'Credit Stop' will remain active and approved. This setting is more restrictive than 'On Hold' and would be appropriate for a advertiser who is late on their bills. At this point, you still want their previously booked and active ads to continue running but you don’t want to create new draft line items and orders for them or allow approval of orders that aren’t already running.

  • On hold: The default status. You can create new orders and line items associated with this company as drafts, but you can't activate them or approve them to run unless you change the company status to 'Active'. However, any ads that were active before the company's credit status was changed to "On Hold" will remain active and approved. For existing companies, you would most likely use this setting if at one point they were active but now are late on some recent bills. In this case, you'd want their previously booked ads to continue running and you may want to add new orders, but you wouldn't want to allow these orders to be approved until the 'On Hold' status has been lifted.

  • Blocked: A company with this status won't be allowed to run any ads in your network. Any existing ads for this company will automatically be deactivated so that they can't serve. This setting is for when you want to prevent a company from running all of their ads, as well as prevent any new orders or ads from being entered into the system.

If an order's advertiser and agency each has a different credit status, then the more restrictive status will apply. For example, if the advertiser is active but the agency is blocked, then the order will be blocked. If the advertiser has a credit stop but the agency is active, then you won't be able to create any line items in the order.

The following table summarizes actions that are or aren't allowed for advertisers with a certain status.

  Active Inactive On hold Credit stop Blocked
Create orders Yes No Yes No No
Approve orders Yes No No No No
Create line items Yes No Yes No No
Displayed in company search results Yes No Yes Yes No
Existing line items remain approved and active Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Inventory stays reserved for the company Yes Yes Yes Yes No
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