Only available in Google Ad Manager 360.

Enable PPID for programmatic

Enable PPID for programmatic

When enabled, PPID may be used by Google and programmatic demand to support buyer frequency capping and interest-based ads personalization on programmatic traffic, when Ad Manager third-party cookies or device IDs aren’t available. This will potentially increase publisher programmatic revenue, while limiting user's activity tracking only within the same Ad Manager network:

  • Before sharing PPIDs with Google and programmatic demand, Ad Manager turns them into per-publisher partitioned IDs, so users cannot be identified across other publishers’ sites and apps.

  • In addition to enabling PPID, you also need to choose who to share PPIDs with programmatically (such as Google demand, Authorized Buyers, and Open Bidders), which you would do through Demand channel settings. Note that for now, PPID for non-Google demand is only available outside of EEA and UK.

  • You can send your data (including first-party data) to the third-party bidders you choose using secure signals.

Follow these steps to enable PPID for programmatic:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.

  2. Click Delivery, then Demand channel settings.

  3. Under “Publisher data sharing,” click Publisher provided identifiers (PPID) for programmatic.

  4. To enable PPID for programmatic for a demand channel, turn on the switch On

  5. Click Save.


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