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About collapsible banner ads (Beta)

Collapsible banners initially show the selected banner placement as a larger overlay with an option to collapse the expanded banner to a standard banner size. The collapsible banner ad is the only format that allows users to minimize an ad, giving them control of their experience.

Collapsible banner ads also offer more room to convey the advertiser’s message, which provides better visibility and higher click-through rates.

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Collapsable Banners

Get started with collapsible banners

Apps that have some static user interface screens (like utility apps or game information screens) are a good fit for collapsible banner ads. You can use them in any existing banner ad placements, such as content loading screens, end of game screens, or any other page transitions.

To implement, you don't need to create a new ad unit or ad slot. Simply add an extra parameter to an existing anchored adaptive banner slot to request a collapsible banner ad to show. Learn more about implementing collapsible banners for iOS and Android.

Note: We don't recommend requesting a collapsible banner for every anchored adaptive banner, as this may be disruptive to the user experience.

Enable collapsible banners without a code change

Google Ad Manager publishers can activate collapsible banner ads through the front-end for trafficking and inventory management without altering:

  • Demand eligibility: Your existing demand sources and configurations remain unchanged.
  • Mobile app UX design: No alterations are required to your current app layout.
  • GMA SDK integration: The Google Mobile Ads SDK integration in your app remains unaffected.

Publishers can directly enable collapsible ads from the front-end.

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click InventoryInventory rules, and then Size settings (Beta) .

  3. Create a new Size setting entry.

    Size settings allow you to control when and where your inventory is eligible for Ad expansion and contraction.

    • Under "Targeting", you can specify targeted inventories, and pick the corresponding banner placement to enable a collapsible ad.
    • Under "Collapsible ads", you can enable collapsible banner ads for top or bottom placement.

Eligibility Requirements

The following are eligibility requirements for collapsible banner ads:

  • Existing anchored adaptive banners: This front-end solution is specifically designed for mobile apps that already use anchored adaptive banners.
  • Portrait mode only: Collapsible ads will only be enabled when the user's mobile device is in portrait orientation.

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