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Use global search to find and navigate between items.

The global search box at the top of any Ad Manager page allows you to find orders, line items, tools, features, settings, individual settings *, and more.

Here's what you can search for:

  • Full or partial names (such as those for proposal line items)
  • IDs (such as order or line item ID)
  • Inventory sizes (such as those associated with ad units or creatives)
  • Tools and features (such as policy center or network settings)

When searching for names, a search string matches prefixes on a word but not all substrings. Words can be separated by spaces, dashes, or underscores.

When searching for IDs or inventory sizes, the exact ID or size needs to be used to return an item. Partial IDs or spaces between the dimensions of an inventory size will not return results.

Example searches

Partial names return items:

  • A search for the advertiser "ACME Wholesale Goods" displays a list of all associated orders and creatives.
  • A search for "olympic" displays the order "Summer Olympic Campaign" and the line item "Gymnastics: Olympics".
  • A search for “my orders” displays tools and features that match the phrase “my orders”.
  • A search for “network settings” displays tools and features that match the phrase “network settings’.

Note: Clicking any result brings the user to the relevant page.

Partial IDs or spaces between the dimensions do not return results:

  • A search for "12345" will not return a line item with an ID of "123456". Try the full ID instead.
  • A search for "728 x 90" will not return an ad unit associated with the 728x90 inventory size. Try "728x90" without spaces instead.

    Once you've entered your search term, the first five results, excluding any archived items, display directly under the search box. Click a result to go to that item or click Show all to see more results.

* You can only search individual network settings for now. More settings may be added in the future.

What you can search

Explore the list below for examples of items you can find in Ad Manager. These examples are not exhaustive of every type of item available via global search in Ad Manager. Test your search of items not listed here to confirm whether they're returned by global search.

What you want to find What to enter in the search box
Tools and features Name of the tool, feature, setting, or page you are looking for
Proposals and orders
  • Name
  • Proposal or order ID
  • Advertiser name
  • PO number
Proposal line items and line items
  • Name
  • Proposal line item or line item ID
  • External ID (line item field)*
    *Only available in Google Ad Manager 360.
Ad units
  • Name
  • Ad unit ID
  • Size (exact match on a single size)
  • Name
  • Placement ID
  • Size (exact match on a single size)
  • Name
  • Creative ID
  • Size (exact match on a single size)
Creative sets
  • Name
  • Creative set ID
  • Size (exact match on a single size)
Yield groups
  • Name
  • Yield group ID

Filter for items in tables and organize columns

From tables, you can use filters to find items. To help you stay organized, you can also show, hide, or rearrange table columns according to your preference.

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