Only available in Google Ad Manager 360.

Sharing user lists between GA4 and Ad Manager

Google Analytics GA4 audience segments are available in Ad Manager when Ads Personalization is enabled

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) platform allows publishers to build and share created audience segments for web and mobile apps identifiers. GA4 allows users to create combined web and mobile user lists that can be shared with other ad products. These segments can be created using publisher first-party data for analytics properties that are publisher-owned. Publishers can control user list sharing for each property linked to a network, and a publisher can link many GA4 properties.

Google Analytics 4 audience lists now allow PPID to be included identifiers. If you're an eligible publisher and have been enabled for PPID targeting, then these identifiers will automatically be added to your existing Google Analytics 4 audience lists. These identifiers will only be used for ad requests targeting your Ad Manager network and can't be used with other Google Advertising products.
The publisher needs to be an Ad Manager Admin and have the GA4 Editor role to enable for audience sharing.

You can use these segments to target and report on line items in Ad Manager and GA4.

To enable user list sharing between GA4 and Ad Manager:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.

  2. Go to Admin, then Linked Accounts, and then Google Analytics 4 properties.

  3. If you have linked your property and the current user has access, click on the property to edit.

  4. Toggle switch to "Allow Ads Personalization".

User list data can’t be modified in Ad Manager. You’ll need to modify it in GA4.
Similarly, Google signals need to be enabled in GA4 for audience integration to function.

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