Set up the " (3P): receive payments" user choice (Beta)

These instructions only apply to publishers participating in the Offerwall "Supertab integration" closed beta program. The program is currently only available for use in the US. Contact your account manager to learn more.

When you create an Offerwall, you can allow site visitors to pay a fee to access your entire site for a set period of time. This choice uses an integration with the third-party company to accept payment pledges from site visitors.

How Supertab works

When a user selects the " (3P): receive payments" user choice, they create a virtual tab by connecting it to their existing account or creating a new one. Then, the user can choose between a few offerings with different prices that give them access for a proportionate amount of time. Those pledges accumulate on their tab each time they select the " (3P): receive payments" user choice. Once the tab reaches $5, no more pledges can be made until the user pays off their tab. 

Getting paid

Once you receive a payment, Google will act as the disbursement agent for publishers to receive it. Then, you’ll be paid through Google’s payment processes. You’ll see a line item in your Payments tab for those payments, and it will be labeled as "Offerwall Pay for access revenue".

Link a account to use with your Offerwall

To set up the " (3P): receive payments" user choice, you need to link to an existing account or create a new account and link to it.

Once your Ad Manager account is linked to a account, click Configure and then Manage at Supertab to access the site and customize the pricing and entitlements you want to grant to site visitors who have met the requirements of this user choice.

Link an existing account

  1. Click Configure and then Set up and then Automatically link account. Your account will be linked to your Ad Manager account.
  2. Click Close to return to the Offerwall message builder.

Create and link a new account

  1. Click Configure and then Set up and then Create account. The Supertab page will be opened in a new tab or window.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to select the Google account you normally use to sign in to Ad Manager. This Google account will be associated with your new account.
  3. On the "Welcome to Supertab" page, click Tell us who you are, enter the required details, and click Submit.
    You must complete this step to use the " (3P): receive payments" user choice on Offerwall messages.
  4. Once your account is created, switch back to the Ad Manager tab or window.
  5. Click Set up and then Automatically link account to link your new account to your Ad Manager account.
  6. Click Close to return to the Offerwall message builder.


Payment issues

Make sure the web property is approved for payments. Both the Supertab and rewarded ad payouts require your web property to be approved for payments within Ad Manager. Review the "Ad Manager payment guide" for more details. 

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