Privacy Sandbox initiative and Ad Manager

The Privacy Sandbox initiative aims to create technologies that both preserve people’s privacy online and give companies and developers the tools to build thriving digital businesses, which keeps the web and apps open and accessible to everyone. The Privacy Sandbox is an ongoing initiative that combines ideas from across the industry into new proposals that are tested, commented on, and iterated.

Privacy Sandbox for the Web will phase out third-party cookies and limit covert tracking. By creating new web standards, it will provide publishers with safer alternatives to existing technology, so they can continue building digital businesses while your data stays private.

Privacy Sandbox on Android will strengthen privacy, while providing tools app developers need to support and grow their businesses. It will introduce new solutions that operate without cross-app identifiers (including Advertising ID) and limit data sharing with third parties.

How Ad Manager works with Privacy Sandbox for the Web

We’re working to support new privacy technologies with Ad Manager. Currently, Ad Manager is testing three of the Privacy Sandbox APIs for the Web: Protected Audience API (formerly known as FLEDGE), Topics API, and the Attribution Reporting API. You can learn about our testing progress and approach in the following articles:

How Ad Manager works with Privacy Sandbox on Android

Android Privacy Sandbox released its privacy-preserving technologies into Beta in February 2023. In September 2023, Ad Manager began supporting two of the Privacy Sandbox on Android Beta APIs (Topics API and Attribution Reporting API) in the GMA SDK. You can learn about our testing progress and approach in the following articles.

We are continuing to evaluate the Protected Audience and SDK Runtime proposals and will provide updates when we have more information.

The use of Privacy Sandbox APIs is subject to Google’s EU User Consent policy requirements (for example, obtaining users’ legally valid consent for the collection, sharing, and use of personal data for ads personalization).


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