Creating and applying multiple line item templates

Learn how to create multiple line item templates and add them to a new line item. #lineitemtemplate

Ad Manager supports setting up and applying multiple line item templates per network. This feature allows publishers to pre-fill multiple line items that can be used by the entire network, and improves the overall time traffickers spend creating a line item. Publishers are able to:

  • Create and store multiple line item templates per network
  • Pre-fill a new line item using one of many line item templates for different formats and channels
This feature is only available to admins (or users given permissions). Admins can create, edit, or delete line item templates. Other traffickers can view and apply line item templates.

Using default templates

It’s good to be familiar with how default templates are used before creating and applying multiple line item templates. Some important things to consider are:

  • An admin can set or unset a default template from the template list page.
  • You can set a maximum of one default template per network.
  • If a default template exists, it will be applied automatically to the line item creation form.

Getting started

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Adminand then Deliverand then Line item templates.

Creating line item templates

Details that you add to line item templates will auto-populate some settings when you add a new line item in Orders.
  1. Click New line item template.
  2. On the Template name field, add the name of the new template. 
  3. On the Line item name field, add the default line item name (optional).
  4. For Line item type, select the appropriate options for Type.
  5. Add Additional settings if necessary.
  6. Adjust delivery options for your new template as needed.
  7. Click Save.
Each network has a limit of 50 templates.

Adding a template to new line item

Line item templates allow you to save time filling out all the line item settings. Selecting a line item template auto-populates most fields.
  1. Go to Deliveryand then Orders.
  2. Click New line item.
  3. Chose an Ad type you want to serve (Display or Video/Audio).
  4. On the Line item template field, begin typing the name of the template to search.
  5. After a template is applied, certain fields auto-populate with template values added during template creation, including:
    1. Line item type - Type, Priority value
    2. Additional settings - Competitive exclusion settings (optional), Same advertiser exception, Comments (optional)
    3. Adjust delivery - Deliver impressions, Deliver creatives, Rotate creatives
  6. Click Save after all applicable fields are entered.

Deleting a template

  1. Go to Adminand then Deliveryand then Line item templates
  2. On the Line item templates page, click the selection box next to the template you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete.
  4. Click Continue to confirm you want to delete the selected template, or click Cancel to return to the templates list.

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