Mobile web ad expansion (full screen)

You can choose to allow large display ads of different sizes (up to the size of the screen) to compete for impressions on eligible slots placed within scroll-based content. Enabling ad expansion for mobile web (full screen) allows publishers to more effectively monetize scroll-based user experiences.

Expanded mobile web ads (full screen) appear in a typical inline banner placement.

An example of expanded mobile web ads in full screen, as they appear in a typical inline banner placement.

Ad slots eligible for expansion on mobile web (full screen)

Expanded ads (full screen) are currently eligible to appear in the first slot below the fold on mobile web ad slots for Open Auction and First Look.

  • The ad slot must be greater than 240px in height.

  • Ads are frequency capped at one time per page.

Get started

  1. Click Inventory, then Inventory rules, and then Size settings.

  2. Enable mobile web ad expansion. The partial-screen setting is a prerequisite for the full-screen setting to take effect.

  3. Enable full screen ad expansion.

  4. Click Save.

If there are overlapping rules for the same inventory, and at least one of those rules enables a feature, then the enable setting will be honored.

Report on expanded mobile web ads (full screen)

Use the “Ad experiences” dimension to see how expanded ads (full screen) perform compared to other ad experiences.

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