Only available in Google Ad Manager 360.

DAI Pod Serving (Beta)

Configure a manifest manipulator

DAI Pod Serving is a beta intended for advanced Ad Manager publishers and video technology partners who either have an in-house manifest manipulation service or are currently using third-party manifest manipulation that's already integrated with DAI. Contact your account manager for details.

A manifest manipulator combines the ready-to-stitch ad pods from DAI Pod Serving into the content to produce one seamless stream for viewers. You can use either an in-house or a third-party manifest manipulator.

An example of DAI manifest manipulation


Before you configure your Ad Manager network, you need to create a service account to grant Ad Manager permissions to an in-house or third-party application.

Enable Ad Manager API and permissions

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then Global settings.
  3. Ensure "API access" is enabled, and click Add a service account user.
  4. Complete the form, including the email address of the service account.
  5. Select a role, which must allow the "Manage live stream events" permission.

    It's recommended that you create a custom role specifically for management of this service account.

  6. Click Save and confirm the service account addition.

Integrate with the DAI Pod Serving API

The API provides access to these ready-to-stitch ad pods for the manifest manipulator to insert into the content.

Developer documentation You can learn more about how this works, see the implementation steps and requirements, and see a sample manifest in the developer documentation.

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