Tag your site with GPT to display messages

Use Funding Choiceswith the IMA HTML5 SDK.

Google Publisher Tags (GPT) allows publishers to define inventory, initiate and bundle ad requests, and render matching demand. GPT takes key details from you (such as ad unit code, ad size, and key-values), builds the request, and displays the ad on your web pages.

Confirm the GPT tag was: 

  • Added to your site’s code.
  • Included with the async attribute.

Your site shows messages to visitors when the GPT tag includes the async attribute. Messages you've created in Ad Manager Privacy & messaging automatically display to eligible users.

Use these resources to add or update the GPT tag: 

 Update older messages to the GPT tag

Update your previously published messages to use the Google Publisher Tag (GPT) in Privacy & messaging .

Complete these steps for each published message:

  1.  Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Privacy & messaging.
  3. Click Manage on one of the message type cards on the Privacy & messaging page.
  4. Turn off the Publish toggle for the message you want to update, and then turn it back on again. The message has now been updated and will use the GPT tag instead of the Funding Choices tag.

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