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Label inheritance and removing labels

 Labels are inherited. Labels applied to "up-stream" or parent items are automatically applied to down-stream or child items. For instance, if you apply an ad exclusion label to an advertiser, this label is automatically applied to the advertiser's orders and line items.

Label inheritance is retroactive in the case of companies and orders. If you apply a label to an advertiser, for example, all existing and new orders for that advertiser inherit the label.

Labels can be applied to inventory across your ad manager network as well, and this means that every ad unit in your network inherits that label.

Despite inheritance, labels can often be overridden on a case by case basis—inherited labels can be removed and other labels can be applied. However, inheritance provides a convenient way to manager ad serving or other goals that you want applied across all or most of your network.

Inherited labels are marked with an inheritance icon (Inherited). When you override or remove an inherited label, inheritance icon is shown as crossed out.

The exception to inheritance are creatives—they do not inherit labels. However, you can apply labels to individual creatives as needed.

To remove a label, click the × on the label.

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