Sign in with a supported browser

To help protect your account, Google doesn’t let you sign in from some browsers. Google might stop sign-ins from browsers that:

  • Don’t support JavaScript or have Javascript turned off.
  • Have unsecure or unsupported extensions added.
  • Use automation testing frameworks.
  • Are embedded in a different application.

1. Use a supported browser

These and other browsers support JavaScript:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer
  • Edge

2. Turn on JavaScript in Chrome

If you’re using a supported browser and still can’t sign in, you might need to turn on JavaScript.

JavaScript is turned on by default for iPhone and iPad.

Turn on JavaScript in other browsers

If you use a supported browser other than Chrome, check its help center for instructions about turning on JavaScript. If you’re not sure whether your browser supports JavaScript, check its help center.

Fix problems with signing in

Turn off extensions in Chrome

If you still can’t sign in, it might be because you have unsecure or unsupported extensions turned on. Learn how to turn off extensions. You can turn on extensions again once you’ve signed in.

Note: If you use a different browser, check its help center for how to turn off extensions.

Update your browser

Some old browser versions might not be supported. Learn how to update Google Chrome.

Note: If you use a different browser, visit its Help Center to learn how to update it.

Information for app developers

If you implemented "Sign in with Google" using the Chromium Embedded Framework, you’ll need to migrate to a more secure alternative:

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