Alternate email addresses and other Google products

Before adding alternate email addresses to your account, make sure you read the following information to understand how they work across different products.

Alternate email addresses and Google Docs, Sites, and Calendar

When your contacts share content with your alternate email address via Google Docs or Google Sites, your primary email address will still be displayed. For example, when someone shares a document with an alternate email address that is associated with a Gmail address, the Gmail username will appear instead of the alternate email address. In Calendar, alternate addresses now behave differently.

Alternate email addresses and Google Profiles

If you have a Google profile, at the top of your Edit profile page, you'll see the domains of all your verified email addresses associated with your account. Select the domains you'd like to display on your profile (keep in mind that we won't display your full email addresses), and save your changes.

When people who know you visit your profile and see, for example, your school's domain name, they'll know your profile was created by you.

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