Unexpected changes in group membership

This article is for administrators. To manage your own groups, visit the Google Groups help." "

When users change their personal account information, you might see unexpected changes in group membership.

For example, if you add a group member with the email address john.doe@yahoo.com (the alternate email address of the Gmail account johnnyd@gmail.com):

  • When John Doe deletes the Google Account associated with johnnyd@gmail.com, the alternate address, john.doe@yahoo.com, disappears from the group.
  • When John Doe removes john.doe@yahoo.com as the alternate email address for johnnyd@gmail.com, johnnyd@gmail.com (the primary email address of the account) appears as a group member. Messages sent to the group are now delivered to johnnyd@gmail.com, not to john.doe@yahoo.com.

Investigate email removals or replacements

The way Google Groups manages memberships through accounts doesn’t affect members without associated Google Accounts. For them, only administrators or managers of G Suite organizations can change their group memberships.

To review changes to groups, use the Groups audit log.

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