Detecting suspicious activity on your account

Note: If you've been redirected to this page from the sign-in box, we've detected suspicious activity on your account.


Find out if your account has been compromised

Important: If you notice any of these signs or similar ones, follow the steps to help secure your account.

Unfamiliar Gmail activity & spam
  • You stopped getting emails.
  • Your friends say they got spam or unusual emails from you.
  • Email that you didn't send shows up in Sent Mail.
  • Your username has been changed.
  • There are changes to your Gmail settings that you don’t recognize.
  • There are labels, filters, or forwarding rules you didn’t set up.
Unauthorized payment activity
  • On Google Pay, you see transfers or transactions you don’t recognize.
  • On Google Pay, you don’t recognize one or more: bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, or gift cards.
Unfamiliar Google Play activity
  • You see purchases that you didn’t make.
  • You see comments that you didn’t leave.
Unknown YouTube activity
Unusual account activity & notifications

Note: We'll use your recovery phone number and email address to tell you about suspicious activity.

  • You got a notification about an unusual sign-in or a device that you don't recognize.
  • You got a notification that your username or password changed, and you didn’t make the change.
  • You got a notification about some other activity you don’t recognize.
  • You notice a red bar at the top of your screen that says, "We've detected suspicious activity in your account."
  • Your "Device activity and notifications" show unusual devices, times, or locations.

Unfamiliar apps

  • You see apps with account accessthat you don’t recognize.
  • You see apps on one of your devices that you don’t recognize.

Unfamiliar Blogger activity

  • Posts you didn’t publish appear on your blog.
  • You get comments on posts you didn’t publish.
  • Your mail-to-Blogger address has changed, but you didn’t change it.
  • Your blog has disappeared or been blocked.
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