Protecting your personal info with 2-Step Verification

Google will turn on 2-Step Verification soon for many accounts. Using a second step to sign in is quick and easy, and it makes your Google Account much more secure.

How 2-Step Verification works once it’s turned on

Keep your phone nearby when you sign in. 

After you enter your password, you’ll complete a second step, usually on your phone. You may tap a sign-in prompt that Google sends to your phone, or enter a code that’s texted to you. (Charges from your carrier may apply.) This helps Google make sure it’s really you signing in. 

You won’t need to sign in more often than you do now. You’ll only sign in when using a new device, or when Google needs to make sure it’s really you.

How 2-Step Verification helps protect your personal info

The personal information in online accounts is valuable to hackers. Password theft is the most common way accounts are compromised. 

For example, deceptive messages or lookalike sites often trick people into sharing their passwords. These password-stealing scams are common and even experts are sometimes fooled.

Signing in with both a password and a second step on your phone protects against password-stealing scams. Even if someone gets your password online, they won’t also have your phone.

Answers to common questions about 2-Step Verification

When will 2-Step Verification be turned on?

You’ll receive an email or notification about 7 days before this change happens.

How long does it take to sign in with 2-Step Verification?

2-Step Verification adds one more step, but it will usually be quick and easy. 

You probably already use 2-Step Verification for some of your other online accounts.

Can I add other backups for signing in?

These types of backups are only available after 2-Step Verification is turned on.

Store or print backup codes

If you can’t use your phone, backup codes can help you get into your account. You can download backup codes to a device or print and store them in a safe place.

Get codes from an app

You can get codes to sign in to your account, even if you can’t get text messages. Learn how to install the Google Authenticator app to get codes on your phone.

Set up a security key

Security keys are one of the most secure second steps you can use with your Google Account. Learn how to use a security key.

How does 2-Step Verification work if I don't have my phone?

If you lose your phone or don’t have it with you, Google can use your recovery email to help you sign in.

Make sure your recovery info is complete and up to date.

Can I turn 2-Step Verification off?

Currently, you can turn off 2-Step Verification after it’s turned on automatically, but signing in with just a password makes your account much less secure. 

Soon, 2-Step Verification will be required for most Google Accounts.

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