Your choices for cookies & data

You might see a request from Google asking you to make a choice regarding your personalization settings and cookies when you use a Google service while signed out.

If you regularly clear your cookies, you’ll continue seeing this request because we use cookies to remember your choice. If you sign in to your Google Account, we'll remember your choice across all of your signed-in devices and browsers.

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Why am I seeing this request?

To use a Google service while signed out, you may need to make a choice regarding your personalization settings and cookies. 

This isn't about a change to the Privacy Policy — it’s about helping you understand:

  • How Google uses cookies
  • What information Google collects, why we collect it, and how we use it
  • Personalization settings that let you customize how you use Google even when you’re signed out

When will I see this request?

You might see this request if you don’t have a Google Account, or if you’re signed out of your account and you use Google services like Search, Maps, and YouTube.

Your decision may affect multiple Google services and not just the one where you view this request.

When I see this request, what options do I have?

When you read the request, you'll have several options.

Review the request & continue to the Google service

After you review the information, you can select I agree to indicate your consent and continue to the Google service.

Review your options

You can select Customize or go to

You can also learn more about how Google uses data, uses cookies, and keeps information safe.

Adjust your personalization controls

You have personalization controls that can help you choose how to use Google, even when you’re signed out. To adjust your personalization controls from the request, you can:

  1. Select Customize.
  2. Make a choice for each of your settings.
  3. Select Confirm.

You can also go to any time.

To learn more about the settings you can change, go to the "How do I change my personalization settings?" section below.

Will I see this request more than once?

You may see the request again, even if you click “I agree” if:

  • You're using Google on multiple devices or browsers and aren't signed in
  • You clear your cookies or you've turned on browser settings that regularly clear your cookies

After I make a choice, what options do I have? 

You can visit any time to manage your personalization and cookie settings. You can also read our Privacy Policy and information about how Google uses cookies.

How is signing in to a Google Account helpful?

Choose “Sign in” on the request or visit to sign in to your Google Account. Learn more about Google Accounts.

When you sign in to your Google Account, we can remember your account preferences and give you a consistent Google experience across all of your signed-in devices. 

Tip: When you're signed in, you can also manage your Google personalization settings and data saved in your Google Account. This includes things like your searches and browsing activity and places you go.

How do I change my personalization settings?

If you want to change any of your personalization settings, you can go to at any time.

Some settings are only relevant if you're signed in to your Google Account, so you'll see fewer settings to change if you're signed out. 



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