Use Sound Amplifier

You can use Sound Amplifier with wired or Bluetooth headphones to filter, augment, and amplify the sounds in your environment or on your Android device.

Download & turn on Sound Amplifier

  1. On your Android device, download Sound Amplifier from Google Play.
  2. Connect headphones to your Android device.
  3. Go to the Apps section.
  4. Tap the Sound Amplifier app Sound Amplifier.

Turn on Sound Amplifier on your Android device

Sound Amplifier is already installed on Pixel 3 and above.

  1. Open your device's Settings app .
  2. Tap Accessibility and then Sound Amplifier and then Open Sound Amplifier.
  3. Connect wired or wireless headphones to your device.


  • To add Sound Amplifier to your app list:
    1. Go to Sound Amplifier and then Settings.
    2. Under "General," turn on Show icon in the app list.
  • To create a shortcut to Sound Amplifier: Tap Accessibility and then Sound Amplifier and then Shortcut.

Change Sound Amplifier settings

You can change the noise reduction and boost levels to fit your current environment.

  1. On your device, open Sound Amplifier.
  2. Tap Phone mic.
  3. Adjust the settings:
    • Reduce unwanted sounds: To reduce noise in the background, drag on the “Noise reduction” slider. This setting only applies to the phone mic, not phone media.
    • Boost quiet sounds: To boost quiet sounds such as low speech sounds, drag the “Boost quiet sounds” slider to the right.
    • Boost low frequency, high frequency: To boost high frequency sounds like bird sounds, drag the slider to the right. To boost low frequency sounds like deep voices, drag the slider to the left.
    • Adjust ears separately: To apply sound and frequency settings to the left and right ears independently, tap Adjust ears separately. For Bluetooth headphones, this setting only applies to phone media, not to phone mic.

Important: With some Bluetooth headphones, sound might be delayed or lower quality. For improved sound quality, try a different set or switch to wired headphones.

Amplify media on your device

You can use Sound Amplifier to play video and audio on your device. You can also adjust the sound from music or videos you play on your device. This option is available for Pixel phones with Android 10. Learn how to check and update your Android version.

Tip: You can also use Sound Amplifier as a remote microphone: Place your phone near a TV or speaker, then use your Bluetooth headphones. You’ll hear audio in your headphones while the sound remains at a comfortable volume for others.

Get help

For more help with Android Accessibility, contact the Google Disability Support team.

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