Answer and hang up calls with TalkBack

When you receive an incoming call, TalkBack automatically announces the caller, unless you've turned off this option in TalkBack settings. You can answer or reject the call as follows:

  • To answer an incoming call, place your finger about three quarters of the way down the screen, then swipe right.
  • To reject the call, swipe left instead of right.
  • To reject the call and send a text message, swipe up.

To hang up, press the power button. Find out how to turn on the power button ends call setting.

Phone app on Nexus devices

Some of the information below might vary depending on your device and your Android version.

If you're using a Nexus device, here are the main elements of the Phone app:

  • Search for contacts and places: This button is located on the top-left corner of the screen just below the status bar. When you activate this button, a search field opens where you can search your contacts. If you have a network connection and if location services are turned on, you can also search for places near you. For example, search for a local restaurant to place an order or make a reservation.
  • Recent calls: Below the search button, there's a short list of calls that you've recently dialled, received or missed. Each entry in the log includes a button to call back that number. You can swipe right until you reach this button, or explore by touch to find it.
  • Navigation tabs: Below the short list of recent calls, three tabs let you switch between different parts of the Phone app: Speed dial, Recents and Contacts. Speed dial contains any contacts that you've marked as favourites and numbers that you frequently call. Recents contains a full list of recent calls. Contacts contains your contacts.
  • Dial pad: The dial pad button is at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Double-tap to select this button and open a standard phone dial pad.
  • In-call options: While you're on a call, three tick boxes appear towards the top of the screen: Speaker phone, Mute and Dial pad. You can activate these tick boxes during the call, as needed.

Find out more about how to make, receive and block phone calls with your Nexus device.