Manage calls with TalkBack

TalkBack helps you answer or hang up calls. With a Pixel device, you can also navigate your phone app for options like recent calls, contacts, or voicemail.

Manage your calls

  • To answer an incoming call: Two-finger swipe up.
  • To reject a call: Two-finger swipe down.
  • To reject a call and send a text: Swipe right and double-tap Reply.
  • To hang up a call: Near the bottom of the screen, select End call.

Tip: If your device supports multi-finger gestures, you can also use a two-finger double tap to answer or hang up a call.

Navigate the phone app on Pixel devices

  • Search for contacts and places: At the top left corner, below the status bar, you can search for your contacts. When you double tap, a search box opens.
    • If you have a network connection and if you’ve turned on Location services, you can also search for places near you. For example, search for a local restaurant to place an order or make a reservation.
  • Voice Search button: To search with your voice, double-tap.
  • More options:
    • Recent calls: Below the search button, there's a list of your recently dialed, received, or missed calls. To get the callback option for a call, swipe right, or explore by touch.
    • Navigation tabs: Below your recent calls, there are tabs for different parts of the phone app:
      • Favorites: Any contact that you mark as a favorite and numbers that you frequently call.
      • Recents: A list of recent calls.
      • Contacts: Your phone contacts.
      • Voicemail: Depending on your carrier, you may have a fourth tab for your voicemail inbox.
    • Keypad: At the bottom right, above “Contacts,” you can open a keypad to dial a call. To open the keypad, double-tap.
      • To enter +, move focus to the 0 key. Double-tap and hold.
    • In-call options: When you're on a call, you can:
      • Mute: Mute or unmute your microphone.
      • Keypad: Bring up the keypad.
        • To close the keypad, swipe down, then left. Or, if Gesture navigation is on, two-finger swipe from left or right.
      • Speaker: Switch speakers.
        • You can choose Earpiece or Speakerphone. Or, if you’ve connected one, Headset.
      • Add call: Merge separate calls. To merge calls, put your current call on hold and make another one. Then, select Merge.
      • Video call: With some carriers and devices, you can switch to a video call.
      • Hold: Pause a conversation, but stay on the call.
        • To unpause, tap your screen again.
      • End: Hang up the call.

Learn more about how to make and receive calls.

For more help with Talkback, contact the Google Disability Support team.

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