Control your Android device with Switch Access


Switch access lets you interact with your Android device using one or more switches instead of the touchscreen. Switch access can be helpful if you can't interact directly with your device.

Switch Access for Android

How switch access works

Switch access scans the items on your screen, highlighting each item in turn, until you make a selection.

To use switch access, you'll first need one or more switches. There are several kinds of switches:

  • Use an external switch: A switch is a device that sends a keystroke signal to your Android device. Several companies sell these devices, such as AbleNet, Enabling Devices, RJ Cooper and Tecla. These devices connect to your Android device via USB or Bluetooth. (Google does not endorse these companies or their products).
  • Use an external keyboard: You can configure a standard USB or Bluetooth keyboard to work as a switch device by assigning one or more of its keys to actions.
  • Use buttons on your Android device: Built-in buttons on your Android device, such as the volume up and volume down buttons, can also be assigned to actions. This option is intended for developers. If you're using this option, you can skip the first two setup steps in the next article.

Switch Access community

Join the Switch Access community to ask questions and connect with others about Switch Access.

Get more help

For more help with Switch Access, contact the Google Disability support team.

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