Learn about Android Flash notifications

To alert you of an incoming notification, you can set your Android device to flash its camera flashlight or screen.

Turn on Flash notifications

  1. On your device, go to Settings And then Notifications And then Flash notifications.
  2. Turn on Camera flash or Screen flash.
  3. To change the screen flash color, tap Screen flash.
  4. To choose your desired color, tap the color.
  5. To view the color changes, tap Preview.
  6. To save your changes, tap Done.
  7. To test the flash notification or screen flash setting, tap Preview.


  • You can also find the flash notifications settings in Settings And then Accessibility And then Flash notifications.
  • The default color for "Screen flash notification" is yellow.
  • To see the color overlay effect on the screen or the camera flash blinking, tap on the Preview at the bottom of the screen when the camera flash or screen flash is on.
  • Use flash notifications with caution if you're light sensitive.

How Flash notifications work

Camera & screen flash notifications

Important: You can choose to be notified by camera flash or screen flash or both. Camera flash isn't available on all devices.

  • When you get an incoming call: The screen, camera light, or both will continue to flash until you answer the call.
  • When the alarm rings: The screen, camera light, or both will continue to flash until you dismiss or snooze the alarm.
  • When you get a notification: The screen, camera light, or both flash a couple of times to alert you to a notification.


  • Flash notifications still follow your "Do not disturb" settings.
    • If you set your alarm to still work in "Do not disturb" mode, your device still flashes for alarms.
  • Flash notifications still work in silent mode. If you turn on silent mode and turn off vibration, your device will flash when you receive a notification.

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