Get started with G Suite Dashboard

In Dashboard (formerly the Apps Hub) at, you can find and open your G Suite services and other cloud apps.

What's new in Dashboard

  • The new search bar lets you quickly find your apps.
  • Links to the G Suite Learning Center and other useful sites.

What's changed

  • Add-ons aren't included in Dashboard. You can open add-ons in the app (for example, an add-on for Google Sheets).
  • Hovering over an app no longer shows a description of the app.
  • The G Suite apps in Dashboard don’t include a link to download the mobile version of the app. 

Open apps in Dashboard

  • Click an app to open it.
  • Your G Suite services (such as Gmail and Calendar) are listed first, then other apps in alphabetical order.
  • You can't change the order of apps, or add or remove apps from your Dashboard. 
  • Tip: Use the search bar in Dashboard to quickly find your apps.

Search box image

At the bottom of Dashboard, click Learn more about using G Suiteto find switching guides for Microsoft Office,  and G Suite tips and tricks

Dashboard and apps

Optional: Install approved apps

Your IT administrator may allow you to install apps. 

The Approved Apps section of Dashboard lists any apps you can install yourself.

Approved apps examples

Click an app and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, contact your IT Support team.

Use Dashboard or App launcher

You can open your apps form either Dashboard or the App launcher Apps (in the top right of the your window). 

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