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Get started with Google Workspace Dashboard

You can find and open your services and apps on the Google Workspace Dashboard:

Find your apps

Use the Dashboard search bar to quickly find your apps. 

Note: You can't change the order of apps or remove apps from Dashboard.

Dashboard and apps

Optional: Additional apps

Your administrator might include apps that require you to sign in once. After that, you can just click the app.

You might be prompted to install the Google Cloud Identity Account Manager browser extension. Click Install Now and follow the steps to add the extension (takes under a minute).

Alert to install the Cloud Identity extension

Sign in to your apps

Add credentials example

Add credentials—Click and enter your username and password for the app.

Important: Don't use the password for your business or school account.

Team sign-in example

Shared account—Click to open the app with a shared account, for example, or

To be added or removed from a shared account, contact your administrator.

User sign-in example

Your account—Click to open the app.

To update your username or password, contact your administrator.

Optional: Install approved apps

The Approved Apps section of Dashboard lists any apps that your administrator allows you to install. Click an app and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, contact your administrator.

Approved apps examples

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