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Get started with Tasks

3. Organize and update tasks

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Learn how to organize tasks.

In this section, you learn how to:

3.1 Add notes and due dates
3.2 Organize tasks
3.3 Sort tasks
3.4 Remove and restore tasks

3.1 Add notes and due dates


1 Select a list and next to a task in the list, click Edit Edit.
2 Click Add details and enter notes for your task.
3 Click Add date/time and select the due date and time for your task. Adding a due date also adds the task to Calendar.

Tasks options 1 to 3 mapped

3.2 Organize tasks


1 Move a task up or down in a list: Point to the task you want to move and drag the task up or down in the list to reorder it.
2 Move a task to another list:
  1. Next to the task, click Edit Edit.
  2. Next to the list name, click the Down arrow Down arrow and select another list.
  3. At the top, click the Back arrow "".

Move a task

3.3 Sort tasks


At the top of the Tasks window, click More More and choose how to sort your tasks:

  • My order—Puts tasks in order entered. You can drag tasks to reorder them.
  • Date—Sorts tasks by their due date.

Sort list by selecting it from the Tasks menu, then clicking More

3.4 Remove and restore tasks


You can only restore a task for a short time. If you don’t see Undo, you can’t restore a task.

  • Remove a task—Next to the task, click Edit Editand then DeleteDelete.
  • Restore a task—At the bottom, click Undo.

Delete a task and restore a deleted task by clicking Undo

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