Send chat messages in a video meeting

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During a video meeting, send meeting resources to your guests through the built-in group chat.


  • Share links to discussion items, such as designs, proposals, agendas, and other online resources.
  • Share links to Google Docs meeting notes or Google Slides presentations so people can follow along or add feedback.
  • Submit questions during a presentation without interrupting the speaker—then answer all the questions in the following Q&A session.

Send a chat message during a video meeting" "

  1. Open Hangouts Meet and join a video meeting.
  2. In the top right corner, click Chat Chat.
  3. Just enter your reminders or questions. Or, paste the URL to your document or any other hosted reference materials.
  4. Click Send Send.
Note: If you want guests to be able to edit a file, make sure you have shared the Google file with them.
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