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Get site analytics



Keep track of how people use your site and make data-driven business decisions with Google Analytics.


  • Start a weekly or monthly campaign on your site and see if traffic increases.
  • Discover where your customers are based so you can plan campaigns and translation needs.
  • Find out what browsers and devices visitors are using so you can optimize their experience.

Get tracking information""

To use Analytics, you have to create an account to get tracking information.

Choose an option:

  • If you don’t have Analytics, create a new Analytics account and note the tracking ID.
  • If you already have an Analytics account, find your tracking ID. Ask your organization’s administrator for help if you can’t find it.

Set up or stop data tracking""

  1. Go to Google Sites and open your site.
  2. Click More ""and thenSite analytics.
  3. Enter the tracking ID and click Save or Turn off.
  4. For help with Analytics, visit the Google Analytics Help Center.
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