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Google Meet cheat sheet

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Get Meet: Web (, Android, or iPhone & iPad

Start or join a video meeting on a mobile device

In the Gmail or Meet app :

In Gmail, open Meet .



In Meet, you can:

Open options for starting a new meeting.
Join an existing meeting with a code or nickname.
Join a meeting on your calendar.
Share joining info.
Create and start a meeting instantly.

Note: If you don’t see Meet in Gmail, select Settings and thenSee all settingsand thenChat and Meetand thenShow the Meet section in the main menuand thenSave Changes.

In the Google Calendar app :

Open an event.

Tap Join with Google Meet.

To start or join a meeting from a computer, see Start a video meeting or Join a video meeting.

Schedule a video meeting

In the Meet app or on a computer (mobile app shown):

Tap New meetingand then
Schedule in Google Calendar.

Add the event details and tap Save.
The event includes a link to the video meeting.

In the Calendar app :

Tap Create . Tap Event . Tap Add video conferencing. Add the event details and tap Save.

Add or view participants or present your screen

Meeting organizers with Google Workspace for Education can prevent participants from sharing their screen. 

In the Meet app , during a meeting:

  • To add people to the meeting, tap Add others and thenShare joining information. By In-call, you can see the participants. 
  • To chat and see the meeting thread, tap In-call messages View messages
  • To present and share files on your screen, tap Share screen .
Tap More  for options.



In Meet on your computer, during a meeting:



To share your screen, click Present now .


To see participants and add people, click Show everyone .
3. To chat with participants, click Chat .
4. To add participants, click Add people.
5. View the list of participants.

Raise your hand, take a poll, and more

In the Meet app :

To ask a question, tap Raise hand .
For more options, tap More .

To take a poll or start a Q&A session, tap More and thenActivities .

In Meet on your computer:  

To ask a question, click Raise hand .
2. To change your background and other options, click More .
3. To create a whiteboard and other options, click Activities .
4. Split into breakout rooms, take a poll, start a Q&A session, record a meeting, or create a whiteboard.

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