Google Chrome Browser training and help

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Chrome windowsChrome Browser lets you get personalized search results that appear instantly as you enter text.

Get Chrome Browser: Web (, or iOS " "

Learn Chrome Browser basics

 Get started with Chrome Browser

What you'll learn:

  • Access Chrome Browser
  • Set up Chrome Browser
  • Use Chrome Browser
  • Customize Chrome Browser

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Cheat sheets

G Suite keyboard shortcuts

Get shortcuts for G Suite products such as Chrome Browser, Gmail, Calendar, and Drive.

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Productivity guides

Sign in to multiple accounts at once

Tired of signing out to switch between accounts? Add all your accounts on your computer or mobile device and quickly switch between them.

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Plan and hold a meeting

Learn how to prepare for, hold, and follow up after team meetings by using G Suite tools like Calendar and Drive together.

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10 G Suite tips for brainstorming

Whether you need a name for a new product or a different place for lunch, G Suite makes it easy to share ideas, get feedback fast, and collaborate with your team.

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10 G Suite tips to go paperless

Reduce printing expenses and share more easily by moving your organization's tasks and processes online.

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Need more help?

Visit the Chrome Browser Help Center.

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