Get started with Chrome browser

Overview: What can you do with Chrome Browser?

When you use G Suite products, such as Gmail and Google Calendar, for work or school, you usually work in a web browser.

With Chrome Browser, you can:

  • Get personalized search results that appear instantly as you enter text.
  • Synchronize bookmarks and settings across all your devices.
  • Use G Suite products, such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more.
  • Add to your browser’s functionality with Chrome Web Store extensions, such as photo editors and project-management tools.

Note: Your IT administrator might apply Chrome policies to manage Chrome Browser for your organization. To see if your admin is managing Chrome Browser, in your address bar, enter chrome://settings. Next to a setting, you’ll see Managed business if it's being managed by your admin.

What you need:
10 minutes
Account Google account

Get Chrome: Web (, or iOS

Table of contents

Section 1: Access Chrome Browser

1.1 Download Chrome Browser

Section 2: Set up Chrome Browser

2.1 Identify which account you're in
2.2 Create Chrome Browser profiles
2.3 Set your homepage and startup page
2.4 Import and manage your bookmarks
2.5 Sync Chrome Browser settings to your Google Account
2.6 Manage personal data
2.7 Turn notifications on or off

Section 3: Use Chrome Browser

3.1 Search in Chrome Browser
3.2 Open new tabs or windows
3.3 Use apps
3.4 Manage extensions
3.5 Download files
3.6 Print files

Section 4: Customize Chrome Browser

4.1 Choose a background theme
4.2 Create app shortcuts
4.3 Go incognito

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