Manage a Google configuration profile

This article is for G Suite users who want to use managed apps on their Apple® iOS® device. To manage personal accounts on your device, go to Settingsand thenPasswords & Accounts.

To use G Suite apps, such as Gmail and Google Docs, for work on your iOS device, you might have to install a Google mobile device management configuration profile. This profile helps your organization’s IT administrator protect and manage your device.

You’re prompted to install the profile when you sign in with a work or school account on your device. After you install the profile, you can access work or school information on your device and your admin can configure settings, manage information, enforce policies, and make specific apps available.

Remove the configuration profile

If you remove the profile, you might not be able to access your work account and data on your device.

  1. On your iOS device, tap Settingsand thenGeneraland thenDevice Management
  2. Tap Google Apps Device Policy Payload Profile.
  3. Tap Remove Management.
  4. To confirm, tap Remove.

Troubleshoot error messages

Unable to open Safari

If Apple® Safari® is disabled on your device, you might see this error when you try to install the profile. To install the profile, you need to enable Safari on your device at Generaland thenRestrictions.

New payload doesn't match old payload

You already have a configuration profile on your device. To fix the problem, remove the old profile (details above). The new profile will automatically reinstall when you try to access your work account on the device. 

Certificate has expired

When you use a mobile device for work, Google endpoint management creates a certificate for your device. The certificate identifies G Suite users on the device. Device certificates usually auto-update, but if your device has been offline for a long time, the certificate can expire. To renew the certificate, on your iOS device, tap Settings and follow the prompts in the notification.


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