Delegate access to your mail or calendar

Delegate access to your mail

To let someone else manage your mail account using G Suite Sync for Microsoft® Outlook® (GSSMO):

  1. Sign in to G Suite and grant your delegate access to your Gmail account.
  2. Your delegate must then add your account to their own G Suite profile in Outlook.

Your delegate can now use their Outlook profile to read, send, and delete messages on your behalf. Messages your delegate sends for you show you as the sender in Outlook.

One level of access: You can't set different access levels for delegates (such as Reviewer or Author permissions) or folder-specific permissions, as you can when using Outlook with Microsoft® Exchange. You can grant only one level of access, allowing the delegate full permissions to read, send, and delete messages from all your mail folders.

Can't hide private messages from delegate: Sending a message with a Sensitivity setting of Private in Outlook does not hide the message from your delegate, who will instead be able to see the message in your Sent Items folder. Unlike with Exchange, anyone who has permission to access your mail will be able to see your private messages.

Can't see delegate's Sent Items: Messages sent on your behalf are available in the delegate's Sent Items folder but not yours. As a result, you won't see messages sent on your behalf until someone responds and you see the reply in your Inbox.

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