Gmail best practices

With G Suite Sync for Microsoft® Outlook® (GSSMO), you can access your mail from the Gmail web interface as well as from Microsoft Outlook. There are a few things in Gmail you might want to set up, however, because they don't get copied over from your Outlook settings:

  • Recreate your email signature: To send messages from Gmail that contain the same signature you use in Outlook, recreate the signature in your Gmail settings. Note that you can create only one signature in Gmail (unlike in Outlook where you can create several signatures to choose from). Learn more.
  • Recreate Outlook rules as Google filters: You can create filters in Gmail that process incoming messages much as rules do in Outlook. These filters apply whether you read your mail in Outlook or the Gmail interface. We recommend deleting your Outlook rules or else you may see inconsistent results. Learn more.
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