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Gmail vs. Outlook

As an alternative to using mail in Microsoft® Outlook with G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook® (GSSMO), try using the Gmail web interface. Just sign in to your Gmail account from any computer's web browser. You'll see the same messages and organization as in Outlook, but some things work a little differently. Here's a summary:

Outlook folders...

appear as labels in Gmail

Rather than storing messages in folders, Gmail tags them with a label of the same name. Messages in your Budget folder, for example, show up with a Budget label in Gmail.

Using labels in Gmail
  • Click a label to list its associated messages (just like opening a folder in Outlook).

    Search for messages by label: Type label: followed by the label name and search terms in the field at the top of the window to find all messages with that label containing the terms. Learn more about search.

    Add multiple labels to a message to find it based on any label that applies. Back in Outlook, the message appears in each corresponding folder! Learn more.

    Learn more about labels
Nested folders ...

appear as nested labels in Gmail

Gmail recreates your folder hierarchy using labels. You can collapse and expand the hiercharchy at the left of you message list, while labels in the message list show nesting in the label's name. In the example above, messages in Outlook's Budget folder are labeled Corporate/Budget in the message list.
Folders under Inbox...

are labeled "Inbox/folder_name" in Gmail

Folders that you nest under your Inbox in Outlook (and other default folders such as Drafts, Sent Items, and so on) don't appear as nested labels in Gmail. Instead, they appear at the top-level of your label hierarchy, showing the nesting in the label's name. In the example above, messages in Outlook's Personal folder are labeled Inbox/Personal in Gmail.
Outlook flags...

map to Google stars

Flagging a message in Outlook gives it a star in Gmail (and vice versa). However, follow-up dates and reminders associated with a flag don't appear in Gmail (Google stars don't have these features).

Using stars in Gmail

Click a message's star to add or remove the star (just like clicking flags in Outlook).

Click the Starred label to list your starred messages.

Search for starred messsages: Type in:starred followed by any search terms to find all starred messages containing the terms. Learn more about search.

Outlook Junk E-mail...

is labeled Spam in Gmail

To see your junk mail from Gmail, just click the Spam label.
Archived in Outlook...

are in All Mail in Gmail

Messages you place in Outlook's Archived folder (available only in your G Suite profile) are found under All Mail in Gmail. Conversely, messages you archive in Gmail appear in Outlook's Archived folder (unless the message also has a label, in which case it appears in the Outlook folder corresponding to that label, instead).