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Learn about the publicly announced products and features planned for G Suite. New items are added approximately every quarter, when launched features are removed from the list.

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Note: The list of releases is not an official commitment and is subject to change. Listed releases are not guaranteed to become generally available and may be modified from their current form.

ProductFeatureFeature descriptionStatus
AdminAccount settingsEnhanced company profile and account settings.In development
Apps ScriptNew dashboard and APIs to manage projectsUse an increased set of features to view all projects, review usage, investigate issues, and track project health. Includes a Management API to create, manage, and deploy Google Apps Script projects and an Admin API to track Apps Script data, such as deployment and adoption.In development
Apps ScriptFlexible quotas for built-in Apps Script servicesExpanded execution quota and a new, flexible quota model for popular built-in APIs.In development
Apps ScriptEasy connection to OAuth secured APIsEasily consume third-party REST APIs secured with OAuth.In development
Apps ScriptJob serviceBreak large jobs into "batch" processes that run in parallel.In development
Apps ScriptModern JavaScript runtimeMore performance and reliability. Supports ES2017.In development
Apps ScriptNew Integrated Development Environment (IDE)New IDE features Monaco for cutting edge code editing, streaming logs, reliable debugging and Material design. Seamless integration into the G Suite Developer Hub lets users design, develop, deploy and manage their projects all in one place.In development
ClassroomLocked mode quizzesLocked mode prevents students from navigating away from the quiz in their Chrome browser until they submit their answers.In beta. Learn more
ClassroomGrade syncLet teachers sync assignments and grades data between their Student Information Systems (SIS) and Classroom.In development
ClassroomRubricsTeachers can create and save custom rubrics for assignments.In beta. Learn more
Cloud SearchGoogle Cloud Search with third-party connectivityIndexing API and in-product experience for third-party content.In beta
Cloud SearchPeople directory in Cloud SearchAllows users to find, learn more, and connect with each other inside G Suite.In beta
Course KitMargin comments for PDFs, images, and videosAdd margin comments for PDFs, images, and videos.In development
Course KitLTI 1.3 supportImprove data reliability with LTI 1.3, the next version of the LTI standard.In beta
Course KitCourse KitA set of tools to help educators create, collect, and give feedback on assignments.In beta
Course KitRubricsTeachers can create and save custom rubrics for assignments.In beta. Learn more
Currents (formerly, Google+)Preserve posts of former employeesPreserve important knowledge and information shared in posts when an employee leaves the organization.In development
Currents (formerly, Google+)Currents Vault integrationCurrents content can now have retention rules applied in Google Vault.In development
Currents (formerly, Google+)Advanced searchEnable users to make advanced searches such as looking for posts between certain dates or within a certain community.In development
Currents (formerly, Google+)Rebranded enterprise-only Currents productIn addition to the new Currents brand, users will see updated layout that brings Google's latest Material Design patterns to Currents, with new single-column stream layout, new formatting options for post content, and more streamlined navigation.In beta. Learn more
Currents (formerly, Google+)Starring postsEnable users to star a post so that they can easily refer to it again later by navigating to the Starred stream.In development
Currents (formerly, Google+)Removing profile creation requirementCurrents users will no longer need to setup a separate Currents profile before starting to use the product.In development
Currents (formerly, Google+)Enhanced tagging supportAllow users to follow tags, view suggested tags while composing new posts, view tags that are trending in the domain, and view suggested tags to follow.In beta
Currents (formerly, Google+)Custom streamsAllow administrators to setup streams of posts that are visible to the entire domain or to specific groups of users. Admins can use any of the supported Currents search operators to define the posts to display in a given custom stream.In beta
Currents (formerly, Google+)Recommended Spotlight postsAllow leaders to create posts that are prominently recommended in the Home stream of all users in the organization.In beta
Currents (formerly, Google+)Content administrator management toolsNew content administrator role that lets you manage the tags that are suggested to users, define the leaders in the organization, and define the custom streams that users will see.In beta
Currents (formerly, Google+)Post analyticsAllow post authors to view detailed post analytics on how other users are engaging with their posts, including total number of views, comments, +1s, and reshares broken down by different groups within the organization.In beta
DocsAnchor image to a pageMore layout options to allow anchoring an image to a fixed position on the page.In development
DocsCustomize the page number per sectionAdd different page numbers or number formats to different sections.Launched. Learn more
DriveSet metadata in DriveGives you the ability to set structured metadata in Drive. In beta. Learn more
DriveRequest approvals for documentsGives you the ability to request and give binding approvals for Drive items, whether you are on your desktop or mobile device.In beta. Learn more
DrivePincode sharingEnable users without Google accounts to securely view, comment, suggest changes, and edit files.In closed beta. Learn more
DriveFolder sharing in shared drivesAllows you and your users to grant additional access to subfolders within a shared drive.In development
DriveShortcuts in DriveEnable users to create shortcuts to keep pointers on working content they might not own.In beta. Learn more
DriveOffline pinning for non-G Suite file formatsPin non-G Suite file formats so that they're available offline through Drive's web interface, together with Drive File Stream.In beta. Learn more
DriveOffline pinning for Docs, Sheets, and Slides formatsPin Docs, Sheets, and Slides files so that they're available offline through Drive's web interface in Chrome.In development
DriveSearch for files from Chrome URL barSearch for files directly from the URL bar in Chrome.Launched. Learn more
DriveDrive sharing dialog redesignUnify and improve the Drives sharing dialogs.In development
DriveCustom link sharingAllows admins to set more granular recommendations for link sharingIn development
DriveG Suite add-ons in DriveG Suite add-ons help streamline your day and complete tasks right from within Drive.In development
DriveSharing groupsAllows admins to set more granular recommendations for link sharing.In development
FormsQuizzes in locked mode on ChromebooksPrevent students from navigating away from a quiz until they submit their answers on managed Chromebooks.In beta. Learn more
FormsImport questions from existing formsEnable form editors to import questions from their existing forms.In development
FormsLegacy Forms UI fully transitionedTurn off access to editing old Forms (open all copied Forms in the new UI).In development
G SuiteAutomate tasks in G Suite No-code apps to help automate busy work across G Suite.In development
G SuitePeople directory in Cloud SearchAllows users to find, learn more, and connect with each other inside G Suite.In beta
G SuiteG Suite Add-onsAllows third-party developers and customers to build integrations into the G Suite Admin console, making apps persistently available across G Suite.In development. Learn more
G Suite MigrateMigration of Exchange Online ArchivesAllows admins to migrate Exchange Online Archives using G Suite Migrate.Launched. Learn more
G Suite MigrateMigration support for Drive shortcutsWhen migrating subfolders with unique permissions to Shared drives, use Drive shortcuts to preserve folder hierarchies.In development
G Suite MigrateMigration support for Shared drive subfolder sharingAllows admins to preserve sharing rights for additional users when migrating subfolders to Shared drives.In development
GmailSignature support for AndroidSignature support for Android (currently on desktop and iOS).In development
GmailMTA-STS and TLS reportingGmail became the first major email provider to follow the new SMTP MTA Strict Transport Security (MTA-STS) RFC 8461 and SMTP TLS Reporting RFC 8460 internet standards.In beta. Learn more
GmailAMP for GmailMake Gmail content up-to-date and interactive.Launched. Learn more
Hangouts ChatChat in GmailReplace classic Hangouts with Chat in the lower left section of Gmail.In beta. Learn more
Hangouts ChatGuest accessEnable users to chat with people outside of their domain via direct messages and rooms where external guests can be added.In beta. Learn more
Hangouts ChatNew desktop appChat desktop app will be upgraded to Progressive Web App (PWA) and available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS.In beta. Learn more
Hangouts ChatAccelerated Transition ProgramAllows admins to opt-in to migrate their entire domain to Hangouts Chat in the Admin console.Open for applications. Learn more
Hangouts MeetVoice actions on Hangouts Meet hardwareMeeting controls (join, mute) through voice commands on Hangouts Meet hardware.In development
Hangouts MeetAcer Chromebase for meetingsA 24-inch touchscreen with 8th Gen Intel Core i7.In development
Hangouts MeetRoom kit bundles from Logitech3 new hardware bundles from Logitech is launching for Hangouts Meet hardware. Small room kit (Meetup camera, Chromebox, TAP controller), medium room kit (Rally camera, Rally speakers and mic, Chromebox, TAP controller), and large room kit (Rally Camera, 2 Rally speakers, 2 mic pods, Chromebox, TAP controller).In development
Hangouts MeetPerformance improvements for Meet device listsPerformance improvements for managing large number of devices interactively in the Google Admin console and visual filters to make it easier to find devices.In development
Hangouts MeetDisplay power saving for hardwareCEC for Hangouts Meet hardware allows administrators to enable CEC power-saving signalling over HDMI to turn off external TV monitors to save power when not in use.In development
Hangouts MeetNew experience for enrollment of Hangouts Meet hardwareUpdate to the user experience for in-room enrollment of Hangouts Meet hardware.In development
Hangouts MeetRedesigned Google meeting room hardware policy pageRedesign of the user interface for the Google meeting room hardware policy page for improved performance and usability.In development
Hangouts MeetData Studio templateG Suite Enterprise edition customers can use a Data Studio template to visualise Meet usage and quality.In development
Hangouts MeetPresent screen using an HDMI cablePresent screen by plugging the HDMI cable from Hangouts Meet hardware into your device. Admin will be able to enable client-side quality of service.In development
Hangouts Meet250 person meetingsEnable meetings for up to 250 participants in meetings organized by G Suite Enterprise users.Launched. Learn more
Hangouts MeetPresent video with audioEnable presenters to share video content at high quality with audio support.In development
Hangouts MeetInternational dial-in for business and basic SKUSupport for international dial-in phone numbers for business and basic SKU (currently US only).Launched. Learn more
Hangouts MeetDial-out to an international phone numberDial-out to an international phone number from a Meet video call (currently only supported for US and Canada phone calling).In development.
Hangouts MeetCentralized telephony billing for paid dial-in and dial-outCentralized billing for paid telephony powered by Google Voice. In development
Hangouts MeetQoS for MeetAdmin will be able to enable client-side quality of service (QoS).In development
Hangouts MeetHangouts Meet with Google Assistant (hardware only)Enables voice actions to control Hangouts Meet hardware to make the meeting experience more seamless.Launched. Learn more
IdentitySecure LDAP–Custom attributes and extended system attribute supportUser search operations support custom user attributes and extended system attributes.In development
JamboardAuto-timeout of idle jamsConfigure the Jamboard Admin console to automatically close idle jam sessions on the Jamboard kiosk.In development
JamboardJamboard engagement metrics dashboard for Google Admin consoleAllows you to view the engagement of Jamboards in the fleet.In development
JamboardJapanese localizationLocalize Jamboard in Japanese.In development
JamboardLandscape support on mobileLandscape support for the Jamboard app on iOS and Android phones.In development
JamboardOwner verification and strict sharing modeAdmins can enable verification of ownership of jams and prevent sharing of unowned jams.In development
JamboardRemote configuration of network certificatesEasily upload network certificates for a kiosk device in the Jamboard Admin console.In development
JamboardSupport for installing Wi-Fi certificatesImproved support for installing Wi-Fi certificates.In development
KeepAuto-bulleting and numbered listsCreate numbered lists in text notes.In development
SecurityDLP document fingerprintingHelps you to protect information that is similar in content or context to known sensitive documents.In development
SecurityDLP incident highlightingEmpower end users to see and correct DLP violations as they compose an email.In development
SecurityDLP incident managementEnable admins to see DLP incidents and charts, investigate them, and take action.In development
SecurityDLP rules for Drive categoriesEnable admins to configure DLP policies based on Drive document labels.In development
SecurityUnified DLP rulesEnable you to utilize one policy to configure DLP for multiple G Suite apps.In development
SecurityInformation Rights Management (IRM) for DLPEnable IRM enforcement as a DLP remediation action.In development
SecurityAutomated Classification with DLPConfigure DLP policies based on based on Drive document labels.In development
SecurityAccess Transparency AlertsAccess Transparency Alerts notify admin when new AXT logs are present.Launched. Learn more
SheetsConnected sheetsNew integration between Sheets and BigQuery that lets you collaborate on up to 10 billion rows of BigQuery data right from within Sheets, no SQL knowledge required.In development. Beta coming soon. Learn more
SheetsInline chart element customizationClick to move and delete individual parts of a chart.Launched. Learn more
SheetsScorecard chartsNew chart type for visualizing metrics and key performance indicators.In development
SheetsThemesCreate a color theme for easy access to custom colors in your spreadsheet and ensure that everything looks great together.In development
SheetsInline chart element customization (text)Click on data labels or text in legends, then type in text.In development
SitesCollapsible textAbility to add collapsible text to a page.Launched. Learn more
SitesReview all changes before publishingAbility to see what’s changed between the previous published version and current draft of a Site.Launched. Learn more
SitesVersion historyEnable editors to review recent changes and rollback to a previous version.Launched. Learn more
SitesTemplatesProvide editors with templates for common Site types and the ability to build custom templates.In development
VaultVault for SitesFull Vault support (retention, holds, search and export) for new Sites.In beta. Learn more
VaultVault for VoiceVault for Voice will be available as an alpha release to Vault customers.In development
VoiceVoice available in CanadaVoice is making it possible to set up new G Suite users in Canada.In beta
VoiceVault for VoiceVault for Voice will be available as an alpha release to Vault customers.In development
VoiceVoice call from Hangouts ChatCall the contact number of a person in Chat.In development
VoiceExtended Voice and Meet integrationCall back into Meet meetings with a click.In development
VoiceVoice calling in GmailManage Voice calls within Gmail.In development
VoiceVoice usage reportsReporting for organization calls.In development
VoiceVoice ring groupsAutomatic call routing rules.In development
VoiceVoice provisioning APIsProvision users and phones using an API.In development
VoiceVoice/Saleforce integrationConnect calls with Salesforce accounts.In development
VoiceVoice available in Italy, Belgium, and GermanyVoice is making it possible to set up new G Suite users in Italy, Belgium, and Germany.In development
VoiceVoice call transferExtends call transfer function to Voice soft clients.In development
VoiceVoice available in IrelandVoice is making it possible to set up new G Suite users in Ireland.Launched. Learn more