Upcoming G Suite releases

Learn about the publicly announced products and features planned for G Suite. New items are added approximately every quarter, when launched features are removed from the list.

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Note: The list of releases is not an official commitment and is subject to change. Listed releases are not guaranteed to become generally available and may be modified from their current form. The table is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and French.

ProductFeatureFeature descriptionStatus
Admin consoleTarget AudienceAllows admins to set more granular recommendations for link sharing in Drive.In beta. Learn more
Apps ScriptNew Integrated Development Environment (IDE)Apps Script’s brand new IDE features Monaco for cutting edge code editing, streaming logs, reliable debugging, and Material design, and is seamlessly integrated into the G Suite Developer Hub.In development
AssignmentsLTI 1.3 certificationUpdates to the latest version of the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard for increased security, easier installation, and better data exchange capabilities.Launched. Learn more
ClassroomSIS grade exportTeachers can sync assignments and grades data between their Student Information Systems (SIS) and Google Classroom.Launched. Learn more
ClassroomClassroom in Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and UrduExpanding the Classroom language set to include Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.Launched. Learn more
ClassroomClassroom in Kannada, Gujurati, Odia, Punjabi, and MalayalamExpanding the Classroom language set to include Kannada, Gujurati, Odia, Punjabi, and Malayalam.Launched. Learn more
Cloud SearchPeople search in Cloud Search and APIsAllows employees to easily find, learn more about, and connect with each other.In development
DocsDomain spellingLeverage domain-specific data to make spelling suggestions better.In development
DocsAutocorrect in Docs: SpanishAutomatically correct common spelling mistakes when writing in Docs in Spanish.In development
DriveRequest approvals for documentsGives you the ability to request approvals for Drive items and lock approved versions.In beta. Learn more
DriveVisitor sharingEnable collaboration on documents with users who don't use Google accounts by creating a lightweight authentication flow.Launched. Learn more
DriveFolder sharing in shared drivesAllows you and your users to grant additional access to subfolders within a shared drive.In beta. Learn more
DriveOffline pinning for non-G Suite file formatsPin non-G Suite file formats so that they're available offline through Drive's web interface, together with Drive File Stream.In beta. Learn more
DriveTarget audiencesAllows you to set more granular recommendations for link sharing.In beta. Learn more
DriveFile Locking APILock files and prevent changes.In development
DriveLabels in DriveSet structured labels and classify files based on them.In beta
FormsLegacy Forms UI fully transitionedUsers can no longer edit old forms (all copied forms will open in the new UI) and access to the old UI will be prohibited.In development
G SuitePeople search in Cloud Search and APIsAllows employees to easily find, learn more about, and connect with each other.In development
G Suite MigrateMigration of Exchange In-Place ArchivesAllows you to migrate Exchange Online Archives using G Suite Migrate.In beta. Learn more
G Suite MigrateMigration support for Drive shortcutsAllows you to preserve folder hierarchies during migration by inserting a Drive shortcut when migrating subfolders to shared drives.In beta. Learn more
G Suite MigrateMigration support for shared drive subfolder sharingAllows you to preserve sharing rights for additional users when migrating subfolders to shared drives.In beta. Learn more
Google MeetMeeting safety moderation controlsGive hosts more control (muting, presenting, invite-only, and more).In development
Google MeetBreakout roomsSplit large meetings into smaller forums.In development
Google MeetDigital whiteboardingDigital whiteboarding with Jam/Meet integration.In development
Google MeetHand raise in meetingUsers can call attention to themselves without interrupting a meeting.In development
Google MeetQ&ASet up and participate in a Q&A for a meeting. Manage and review the Q&A after the meeting.In development
Google MeetAttendance trackingTrack attendance in meetings.In development
Google MeetNoise cancellation for mobileRemove background noise during meetings on your mobile device.In development
JamboardCreate a Jam while offlineCreate a Jam file while offline.In development
JamboardJamboard fleet data exportExport all Jamboard device data to a single JSON file.In development
JamboardTime zone controlsChange the Jamboard time zone from the admin panel.In development
JamboardMake Jams available offlineAccess Jams offline on your mobile device.In development
JamboardText boxes and shapesCreate long form text with color and alignment formatting.In development
JamboardZ orderingMore control over how objects stack on top of each other.In development
SecurityIRM for DLPEnable IRM (Information Rights Management) enforcement as a DLP (Data Loss Prevention) remediation action.In beta. Learn more
SecurityAutomated Classification with DLPAutomating classification based on content inspected by DLP. In development
SecurityMetadata as a DLP conditionConfigure DLP policies based on manually classified files in Drive.In development
SheetsSmart cleanupMachine learning-generated cleanup suggestions for common data preparation tasks (removing duplicates, trimming whitespace, formatting numbers), as well as aggregate stats for each column in a spreadsheet (in order to identify outliers for further investigation).In development
SheetsSmartFillAutocomplete manual data entries and edits in Sheets.In development
SitesVersion history for existing SitesReview recent changes and undo them if necessary.In development
VaultVault Search and export for New Sites betaAdmins can search and export their organization's sites.In beta. Learn more