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Learn about the publicly announced products and features planned for G Suite. New items are added approximately every quarter, when launched features are removed from the list.

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Note: The list of releases is not an official commitment and is subject to change. Listed releases are not guaranteed to become generally available and may be modified from their current form.

ProductFeatureFeature descriptionStatus
AdminPassword managementSet advanced password-management controls to help meet internal compliance and security policies.In development
AdminFilter by group or organizational unitFilter and analyze reporting data based on organizational unit and group.In development
AdminNew group management experienceNew admin experience for groups management.In development
AdminGroup-based policyA more flexible way to apply policies that doesn't have the restrictions of an OU-based policy application.In development
Apps ScriptNew dashboard and APIs to manage projectsUse an increased set of features to view all projects, review usage, investigate issues, and track project health. Includes a Management API to create, manage, and deploy Google Apps Script projects and an Admin API to track Apps Script data, such as deployment and adoption.In development
Apps ScriptFlexible quotas for built-in Apps Script servicesExpanded execution quota and a new, flexible quota model for popular built-in APIs.In development
Apps ScriptEasy connection to OAuth secured APIsEasily consume third-party REST APIs secured with OAuth.In development
Apps ScriptManagement of Apps Script Cloud projects by domain administratorsCloud projects that run behind each Apps Script project will live in the domain and can be managed by domain administrators.In development
Apps ScriptJob serviceBreak large jobs into "batch" processes that run in parallel.In development
Apps ScriptManagement of Apps Script Cloud projects by domain administratorsCloud projects that run behind each Apps Script project move from outside to inside the domain so that they adhere to policies and can be governed by administrators.In development
Apps ScriptModern JavaScript runtimeMore performance and reliability. Supports ES2017.In development
Cloud IdentityExpanded SSO app catalogExpanded Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication catalog for Software as a Service (SaaS) and OpenID Connect (OIDC) apps.In development. Learn more
Cloud IdentityExpanded auto-provisioning app catalogExpanded user life-cycle management (provision, deprovision, upgrade, and downgrade) and user permission app catalog.In development. Learn more
Cloud IdentitySecure LDAPProvides a simpler and easier way to integrate your legacy applications and IT infrastructure with Cloud Identity. In development
DocsGrammar suggestionsUse machine learning technology to recognize and help correct potential grammar errors in real time.In Beta
DriveRun BigQuery against your G Suite admin reportsAnalyze your domain's data in BigQuery to find insights on product usage or activity.In development
DriveSlack channels and Team DrivesEnable teams to pair a Slack channel with a Team Drive so that content uploaded in Drive is automatically available in Slack.In development
DriveReal-time presence in Microsoft® OfficeAllows you to set advanced password management controls to help meet internal compliance and security policy requirements.In development
DriveSet metadata in DriveGives you the ability to set structured metadata in Drive. In development
DriveRequest approvals for documentsGives you the ability to request and give binding approvals for Drive items, whether you are on your desktop or mobile device.In development
FormsTransition to new Forms UIOpen all copied Forms in the new UI and disable access to editing Forms in the old UI. In development
G SuiteG Suite side panel integrationQuickly complete tasks and surface contextual information across G Suite without switching apps. Launched. Learn more
G SuiteAutomate tasks in G Suite No-code apps to help automate busy work across G Suite.In development
GmailSignature support for AndroidSignature support for Android (currently on desktop and iOS).In development
GmailNew GmailWith new security and intelligent features, the new Gmail means business.Launched. Learn more
GmailSmart composeProvides intelligent language autocompletion when composing emails.In development
GmailCompose actions for Gmail add-onsInvoke an add-on from the Compose view, browse content from the add-on, and insert it into a draft. In development
Google+Discover streamUsers can find relevant and useful information beyond the communities they're already following.In development
Google+Bulk community management APIsAPIs to enable a domain or an authorized partner to manage communities and community members together. You can add a new user into a large set of communities based on that user's role in the organization.In development
Google+Groups integrationUse Google Groups when creating Google+ communities.Launched. Learn more
Google+Community Q&A postsEnable users to ask questions and vote for answers, helping organizations manage and curate knowledge.In development
Google+Preserve Google+ posts of former employeesPreserve important knowledge and information shared in Google+ posts when an employee leaves the organization.In development
Google+Community moderation improvementsEnable community moderators to batch process posts that are held for review or flagged as spam.In development
Google+Vault supportApply retention rules for Google+ content in Google Vault.In development
Google+Manage community membership via Google GroupsAllow Google+ community owners and moderators to manage community membership with Google Groups.In development
Hangouts ChatReactionsReactions enable users to express emotion within conversations by attaching emoji to individual chat messages.Launched. Learn more
Hangouts ChatSmart ReplySend quick responses to chat messages with machine-learned suggestions.In development
Hangouts ChatDo not disturb and working hoursDo not disturb status and working hours provide control for when notifications are received, greatly improving work across time zones.In development
Hangouts ChatGranular bot controlsYou can enable or disable specific bots in your domains. Assess individual bots and choose which ones to enable.In development
Hangouts MeetTransition to MeetClassic Hangouts video calls will transition to Hangouts Meet.In development
Hangouts MeetLive streamingEnable live streaming on meetings for up to 100,000 concurrent viewers.Launched. Learn more
Hangouts MeetIncreased meeting sizesIncrease meeting participants to 100.In development
JamboardJamboard device management in Admin consoleManage Jamboards in the Google Admin console.In development
JamboardLoad custom assetsEnable admins to load custom assets for stickers and stencils in the Jamboard Admin console.In development
JamboardAuto-timeout of idle jamsConfigure the Jamboard Admin console to automatically close idle jam sessions on the Jamboard kiosk.In development
JamboardImproved experience saving and loading jamsSimpler experience saving and loading jams to and from the Jamboard kiosk.In development
JamboardImproved support for Chrome touch devices with Android Arc++Improved performance of the Jamboard app on Chrome touch devices with Android.In development
JamboardImprovements for Jamboard on the webImproved editing and object manipulation.In development
JamboardImprovements for touch ChromebooksImprovements for touch Chromebooks.In development
JamboardJamboard engagement metrics dashboard for Google Admin consoleAllows you to view the engagement of Jamboards in the fleet.In development
JamboardJamboard management in Admin consoleAllow Jamboard admins to manage Jamboards in the Google Admin console.In development
JamboardJapanese localizationLocalize Jamboard in Japanese.In development
JamboardLandscape support on mobileLandscape support for the Jamboard app on iOS and Android phones.In development
JamboardOwner verification and strict sharing modeAdmins can enable verification of ownership of jams and prevent sharing of unowned jams.In development
JamboardRemote configuration of network certificatesEasily upload network certificates for a kiosk device in the Jamboard Admin console.In development
KeepAuto-bulleting and numbered listsCreate numbered lists in text notes.In development
ReportingAudit reports for user account activityAdmins can monitor and receive alerts for actions taken by users on their accounts. Track important activities, such as password changes, disabling 2-Step Verification, and adding account recovery information.In development
SecuritySecurity investigation toolSecurity investigation tool helps you identify, triage, diagnose, and resolve security issues in your domain.In Beta
SheetsSheets Data ConnectorDynamically access your Google BigQuery data directly within Google Sheets with data connectors for BigQuery.In Beta
VaultAPI for searchProgrammatically manage searches in Google Vault.In development
VoiceGoogle VoiceSmart, easy-to-use cloud telephony solution for G Suite.In Beta