How dynamic email works with advanced content filtering


If you're looking for instructions and guidelines related to legal, security, and compliance concerns, go to Google Workspace legal and compliance.

Gmail supports dynamic email, messages with interactive content. Dynamic email is sometimes called AMP for email. You can interact with dynamic email like you would a website. For example, you can reply to an event invitation, or respond to comments in a Google Doc, without leaving Gmail.

This article describes how dynamic email works with compliance rules, including:

Dynamic content in email

Because of the dynamic nature of AMP messages, the content displayed in Gmail messages can change as time passes. For example, a comment notification email from a Google Doc can have different contents each time the recipient opens the email. Every time someone replies to a comment, the reply is added to the notification email.

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How rules are applied to dynamic email

Dynamic email messages have both static and dynamic content. Compliance rules are applied to the static content in a message during delivery.

Content compliance rules for these email fields are always applied to dynamic email messages:
To:, Cc:, Bcc:, From:, Subject:.

Because dynamic email content can change over time, the way a rule affects a dynamic message can also change. Rules are applied to messages only during delivery, not after the message has been delivered to a user’s inbox.

For example, when Google Docs sends a comment notification message, compliance rules are applied to the message during delivery. The message contains the Doc comments, which are subject to compliance rules. If the message passes compliance rules, it’s delivered to the user’s inbox.

When responses are added to comments in the Doc, the content in the notification message automatically updates with the new responses. This update happens while the message is in the users’ inbox. Each time a user opens the notification message, the new responses appear in the message.

Compliance rules can’t be applied to the text of the responses because rules are applied only during message delivery. If a response contains non-compliant content, for example, a profanity, users will see that content when they open the notification message in their inbox.

Turn dynamic email on or off

Turn dynamic email on or off for your organization

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