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Let users access G Suite with the Google Assistant

As an administrator, you control whether people in your organization can access Google G Suite services, such as Calendar, Meet and Gmail, with the Google Assistant. Using the Assistant is especially helpful for people who need to perform work-related tasks on the go or while working from home.

For example, the Assistant can now respond to the following questions and commands:

  • What's on my schedule today?
  • Where's my next meeting?
  • What's my first meeting tomorrow?
  • Dial into my current meeting
  • Cancel my meeting
  • Reschedule my meeting
  • Tell my next meeting I’m running late
  • Call [contact name]
  • Send an SMS / email to [contact name]

Users can also seamlessly join Meet calls by asking the Assistant to perform the following tasks on the Nest Hub Max:

  • Say “OK, Google, join my meeting”
  • Start a new meeting
  • Join a Meet call using a meeting code

About access to G Suite

Access to G Suite is provided as part of G Suite with the Google Assistant Beta program.

Note: Resetting a user’s password might not automatically revoke their access to G Suite services from all Google Assistant devices, like Google Home. Learn how to remove access.  

Apply to the beta program & turn on access to G Suite for the Google Assistant

To turn on access to G Suite for the Google Assistant, you must apply to the beta program and turn on specific services for your organization.

  1. Apply to the G Suite with the Google Assistant Beta program by filling out the Test Applicationand Pre-General Availability Program Agreement (PAPA).
  2. In the Admin console, make sure these Additional Google Services are turned on for your organization:
    • Search and Assistant
    • Web & App Activity
      Note: After Web & App Activity is enabled, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to access Meet on the Nest Hub Max. Users can manually reboot the Nest device to get access sooner.
  3.  If your application is accepted, you’ll receive an email confirming your organization’s enrollment in the beta program.
  4. Notify your organization’s users that the feature is available. To use the Assistant in this beta program, users must be signed in to their work or school accounts on devices with the Assistant turned on.

​Learn more about using the Google Assistant

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